Watched the new Coldplay film, A Head Full of Dreams, this evening. Fascinating insight, and a great reminder why they’re my favourite band all these years later. I really hope they continue making albums and AHOD isn’t their last one, despite what Chris Martin keeps saying.

Spent what felt like an age trying to work out why my WordPress query wasn’t working correctly, turned out I’d typed a hyphen instead of an equals. Typos in code can cause so much stress and frustration sometimes.

New slippers have arrived and I am unreasonably excited by this. They look good, they’re very comfy, and they’re warm. I’m pretty sure I should insert some sort of old man hashtag here…

Saw First Man at the cinema this evening. Brilliant film, wasn’t quite prepared for the level of intensity it has, but absolutely engrossing. The only downside, some of the cinematography made me feel a little motion sick at times, but without it the film wouldn’t have worked as well. 🎥

Man alive the new iPad Pro is insane. I’d love to have a play with one of those, just hope that some of the software I need for it to be a viable work alternative arrives soon.

Catching up on the Apple Event since I couldn’t watch it live while I worked today. The new MacBook Air looks great, I wonder if it’s powerful enough to do frontend web design/dev on.

In an effort to be less reliant on my iPhone, and to improve my morning routine by not having my phone wake up, I’ve bought myself an alarm clock. It’ll sit on the drawers opposite my bed so I’ll have to get up to turn it off. The best thing about it? No glowing.

I told Alexa to speak less, not my Echo just makes a noise when I tell it to change my light setting. It’s exactly how it should be, I wish there was a way to make Siri behave the same way in my iPhone/iPad.

Saw my second NFL game in London last night, the first time the Seahawks have been in the UK so the first time I’ve seen them. What a show! Great atmosphere, even up in the sticks where we were sat. #GoHawks #nfluk

Winter is coming. Leaving for work in the dark. I don’t like it.

Thinking about participating in Movember again this year, did it a couple of years ago and with today being Mental Health Awareness day it’s brought it back on my radar.

Autumn has well and truly arrived in Cheltenham this week, it’s one of my favourite times of the year. Halloween is the only thing the ruins it, but the crisp sunny mornings, Football, the NFL, and scarves more then make up for it.

Had a good birthday week, although could’ve done without the mega busy Saturday shift in the coffee shop.

Finished the celebrations last night with a good evening out to see Rivers & Robots live. Big fan of their new album, and pleased they played some of the older tracks as well.

Ah man, all these macOS app updates are making me want to update to Mojave as soon as it’s available but I don’t want to break anything. #darkmode

Had a good weekend catching up with some friends, meeting their friends, going to their church, walking, drinking coffee, eating good food, and having deep discussions late in to the night. A good weekend all round.

Great win for Forest tonight. Hopefully they can push on from there, played really well, solid at the back, and actually took some chances. #nffc ⚽️

Afternoon naps. 👍🏻

Made some improvements to the sidebar of the blog, added in an hcard powered by the Indieweb plugin. It adds a little something that was missing, a brief and easily accessible about me portion along with an avatar to put a face to my name.

Had a trip into the unknown this afternoon, my parents attic. Lot’s of boxes now in the garage to sort, one trip to the tip, and now chilling out watching the football and playing with my blog.