This Weekend. Update 2.

Well, I didn’t get much work done today, looks like I will be doing it tomorrow instead. I did manage to get emails out to cell leaders and got some updating of the CU site in, although that is no where near finished and will have to wait til I have a bit more spare time. Discoverd that I have an assignment in at the end of the week so this week is gonna be a busy one. ergh!!

Forest won, woo!! We are now 2 points off the play offs in 10th and heading to Bournemouth in the next league game. Come on you reds!!

I’m a bit curious to see who, if anyone other than my Dad and Ernie read this. So if you do, please leave me a comment.

Heres to a productive work day tomorrow!!

This Weekend. Update.

Well Friday came off pretty well. Jess came over and we managed to sort out all the cells. I asked Dad about the quiz, albeit not over the phone, but I asked. The only thing that didn’t happen was coffee with Kate. My fault though, apparnatly I said I would text her after my lecture and I forgot. So I was waiting for her to come over, and she was waiting for me to text her to ask her over. Ah well, maybe next week.

Hopefully tommorrows plan will be just as succesful.

In the mean time, I fiddled with my blog abit. I changed the skin, this one is much nicer. I edited the links section so its a bit more how I wanted it to be. Since people seem to read this one more than the other one, I think I will just concentrate on this, it seems abit daft to post the same thing on 2 blogs. Hopefully I will be able to customise this one a bit more, maybe the header I wouldn’t mind doing something a bit more personal and Phil related, but we shall see. The only thing I don’t like about this blog is that it doesn’t have full Safari support so I have to use Firefox everytime I want to post. I suppose its not to bad and could be worse.

Here’s to another productive day tomorrow.

This Weekend.

Ok, so this weekend I need a plan. I have lots of stuff to do, so I need a plan to make sure I get it done!

Starting with today. Lecture, Kate is coming for a coffee, I need to organise the cells for CU, I have to ring Dad and ask him to so something for me (we need a quiz for CU!!).

Saturday. Work. I need to push on with my “eclipse” project, need to sort out the label and how it will look. Keep upto date with the Forest score. Maybe see some friends.

Sunday. Finish off stuuf I didn’t do on Friday or Saturday. Go to church, not sure on this one, I didn’t particularly like Cambray, it was a little bland for me, but I don’t feel comfortable at Trinity, oh the dilema!

The chances of it all happening. Well Friday is gonna happen, Lecture is a must, Kate is coming so thats sorted, just to do the cells, and that will be done as it needs to be done. Saturday. Chances of that happening are also quite high. Craig is at work, James is at home so only Steve and Dan around the house, means its quite possible that work will be completed. Sunday, well more of the same so that will happen. Woo! Hopefully a productive weekend for Phil is on the way.

Small bedrooms.

Who ever invented the little rooms in houses often coined as a “bedroom” was clearly having a laugh. They blatently knew that when it comes to doing a graphic design project in the smallest room in the house would not be funny. I mean come on. I have paper all over the place, my desk isn’t big enough for my work and my computer, so I have a small collapseable table to use. But its just not funny. You should see me getting in and out of my chair, its impossible, I ussually end up running over my foot with the flipping thing. Grrrrrrrrr!

Anyway, the conclusion. NEVER get drawn the little room. Actually lets appeal to all architects and landlords to NEVER DESIGN OR MAKE A LITTLE ROOM IN A HOUSE!!!!!

Ah, that feels better now I have got it off my chest.

Another week, another birthday.

In a frantic few weeks it now looks like time to sit and reflect on the events. The 3rd and final birthday for a while has just passed, so it could be a bit more peaceful and slightly less stressful, although celebrating is fun, the planning and aftermath isn’t.

After living in the house for 5 weeks, its now time to bring a few considerations into play. The landlord has asked if we are interested in having this house next year. I mean come on, give us a chance to decide, 5 weeks is not nearly long enough to decide. Althogh having said that I do already know who I want to live with, and who I don’t. This may seem odd, but its quite easy really. Whether I will be able to live with who I want to next year is not clear, we shall see I suppose.

Vault 49

Vault 49 are a bunch of Graphic Designers who I think are absolutely superb. They have done some wonderful works of art for a wide variety of clients.

My favourite piece of their work is the front covers of a Renaissance Mix CD. I even managed to find an advert for it in a magazine and it now adorns my wall(well part of my random wall). I like the way they fuse illustration and photography in their works, they work so well together, and I would love to be able to create pieces of work like the stuff they do. Well, I suppose its a case of I will be soon, hehe, since I’m doing Graphic Design at uni.

I suggest you go and take a look, its well worth it.

New one

OK, I have a new Blog, or at least the beginnings of one. It’s wordpress based and not yet ready for announcement, should I use, but I thought I would let people know. Its a free wordpress blog based on WordPressMU(multi-user) and is hosted by them as well.

I will see if I can get it up and running and working how I want it to before I publish the link. One advantage it does have is that I don’t have to switch to FireFox to do things to it as it works with Safari. Whilst this works with Safari it doesn’t give me all the options so I have to use firefox, which whilst being good for you PeeCee users, isn’t a patch on Safari (well in my opinion).

We shall see what happens.

Ok, so I have now discovered that this new WordPress is not as customisable as i thought, little annoying but hey. What I will do is run the two of them at the same time, and then once I get myself a wordpress real one sorted or this one allows for more customisation, I will let you know. either way, I am adding the link to it on the right somewhere!!

ooooooooo pretty!!


The all new iPod, with video playback and everything. It’s nice!! However unlike the iPodnano I don’t want one quite so much. Probably due to the fact I don’t want to watch video on the go.

It is nice though. I like how it has picked up on the styling of the Nano. Unites the family well. Not that I should really be surprised, this is Apple we are talking about and they do know what looks good!!

Talking of looking good…

How nice is that??

I soooooo want one. In fact it is on my list of things to get before I graduate, obviously to take advantage of the nice student discount I have now, and won’t have after I graduate.

It’s a new step forward for Apple. It’s the first iMac to have a media centre, kind of stepping away from the iMac as a computer and into the iMac as a key part of home life. Acting as a computer and a media centre all built in. To me it serves as something to take over from iPods appeal. Obviouslt the iPod will still be a huge factor, but the new features are centered around Apples new app FrontRow. With the remote that you can now get for the iMac and the built in iSight, it just serves to show Apple are striving to be at the centre of home life. Couple it with Airport Extreme and Express technology and you have one massive and very friendly media centre.

I can’t wait, just wish I had the cash to do it all now. Ah well I will just have to wait. But I so want one!!

As a bit of an aside. It’s nice to see Delirious in the iTMS. Their new single is up as a pre-release, although I can’t buy it at the moment for some reason. They have a few of their old album up as well, although dissappointingly now World Service, which is a superb album!!


The humble plug. A means of powering electrical equipment. One of the most useful inventions ever. Its ability to keep equipment powered is rivaled by nothing, it’s even helping me write this post. Whilst on the surface it is friendly and helpful, it has a much more sinister side. To hurt you. Yes that’s right, I JUST STOOD ON A FRICKIN PLUG AND IT FLIPPING HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who ever inveted the flaming thing to lie naturally on its back with thsoe 3 nasty prongs facing the sky is not a nice person. Surely they did it while they were inventing it, surely they did what I just did and put their whole weight on to the 3 small prongs facing the sky!! I didn’t do anything to it, I just unplugged it and pushed it to the side next to the wall. It could’ve behaved and stayed there, but oh no, its got to go walking around, leisurly sliding into the middle of the floor, calmly waiting for my unsuspecting foot to land square onto its 3 prongs.

Maybe I am being harsh, maybe its not its fault. Maybe its mine, maybe I should’ve ensured it was close to the wall. Maybe its the flipping cable it is attached to. Thats it. Its the cables fault. The cable could’ve stayed all tied together, nicely folded and tucked up to the wall, but oh no. It has to straighten out and have a stretch, kindly pushing the plug into the middle of the floor, waiting, mocking, laughing at what is about to happen!!


Ok, the pain is easing. Doesn’t seem to be any damage, nothing that won’t go away. Maybe I will survive, it’s looking more and more likely. The plug however, now theres a different story. If I ever see it in the middle of my floor again, lurking and waiting for my foot, it will not live. It will discover the ever so painful feeling of disconnection. Yes thats it. Permenantly diconnected, severed from it cable. Then who will be laughing?? Hey!! We’ll see!!

deviantART ›

Earlier in the year I started using a website called deviantART. Its a brilliant site containing the largest community of creative people on the net. Many of the works caused me to consider setting up my own account. So, guess what, I did.

Here’s the link, as yet I have only created 3 images, although I hope to create more, so when I do they will be posted on here. Go check out the few I have done so far and leave me some comments. Hope you like them.

James Blunt

Bit of a proper post this one.

I’ve been listening to his album lots, and its struck how good it is. It gets better with every play. I’ve even been given his music book. Well the tab of his music book, got it for my birthday and I’ve actually been playing it a bit to, hehe. I really like his album, it’s got songs for every occasion, and your mood can determine the mood of the album. Like now I’m listening to it and I’m fairly upbeat and happy, and the songs are coming across in that way, but I have listened to it when I’ve been feeling down abit and it reflects that mood. To me thats the mark of a good album. Something for every occasion.

To be honest this post is coming because I’m fed up of doing work. Been trying to do it all day, I’ve tasted various “posh” soft drinks and now my stomach feels bloated. It’s also an experiment to see if I can have pictures in my posts. I’m hoping it works. In fact if it does you will see the nice album cover of James Blunt. I thinks its a really good piece of design/artwork. I would actually quite like a big version as a poster, it would really good. Maybe I can develop my own piece from it, perhaps a bit of an autobiographical image. I’ve got a couple of canvases waiting for a picture.

Anyway back to the album, favourite track has got to be “So Long Jimmy”, I like the little riff in that one, its quite addictive and gets stuck in your mind.

Overall I have to give the album full whack, 5/5

Apologies, its not really been much of a review, more of my ramblings based on something, which I suppose is good. If it makes someone who hasn’t heard the album listen to it then woo!! But most people will have heard it so ah well!!

Another one!!

Wow, blimey 2 in a week!!

Ok, I’ve made a few changes, the title is now Glow. I’m not really sure why, maybe because its quite a dynamic name. Its also got conotations with my christian faith, spreading the word, letting it shine out, making me “glow”. a bit contrived I know but i like it. It also links with my design world. I want my designs to “glow” in the market place type thing, make them stand out. ah well whos knows if it will work.

Anyone know anything about wordpress?? or where I can get cheap (preferebly free) hosting?? I believe I can still use this domain if i find a host and upload to it. Who knows maybe I’m being to geeky. Although I discovered I am a geek, well a techno phille, in my lecture the other day. The module is on technology, and well not many people my age are technophobes, so I guess we are all geeks to a certain extent!! hehe!!

I have no idea where this post is going!! I feel I may have to start to organise this blog a little better before I can justify finding a host etc. I still feel I need a theme for all this, ah well, we shall see shan’t we!!