It’s Back!!!!

Yep, my voice its back. It’s done its little holiday trip, dunno where it went, it’s refusing to tell me, maybe it took Ruth’s voice on holiday as hers has now come back as well. Or not, which is most likely, but most importantly its back. Its recovering slowly and growing in strength to, its almost normal Phil again!!

Apart from the cough, that flaming cough. It seems to have arrived with my voice, bit chesty, bit dry and very annoying. Hope it doesn’t stay too long.

Just watched Lost. Man that program is good. I’m getting quite addicted to it, I just wish I didn’t have to wait a week between each episode. I mean they could play one episode a night, or even every other night, that would do, but no, they make you wait!!

I really should be in bed, but I’m just not tired, I dunno, not having to get up in the morning really messes your body clock up, as does being ill and sleeping more than you should.

I’m trying to start drawing again. I did one sketch today and I’m planning on doing at least one sketch a day, gives me something to do and I actually get quite engrossed in it when I sit down and do it. So post any ideas of things for me to draw if you want, would be good.