It’s not there! AND IT SHOULD BE!!

I hate it when things aren’t there when there is no reason why it shouldn’t be!!

Ok, as anyone who has read this blog will know, I want a proper wordpress blog which I can design and customise and make mine, rather than one of these standard template thingys. So I finally found some where I can have one for free and now I have a week off lectures I am taking the chance to set it up. Everything is installed, except for one screen, and there is no reason why it is not there!! I have reinstalled it, tried over and over, but it just won’t flaming appear. Without it I can’t do what I want. I have it all set up on my iBook and it looks good, or at least will do with a bit more tweaking, might post a screen shot later. Plus the people on the help forum are being lame and not replying to my plea for help. ARGH!!!!

Anyway, voice is still here, its getting better, not quite normal but not far off although it gets a bit husky sometimes!!

So, if anyone knows about wordpress and the K2 theme found at binary bonsai then please let me know.