James Blunt

Bit of a proper post this one.

I’ve been listening to his album lots, and its struck how good it is. It gets better with every play. I’ve even been given his music book. Well the tab of his music book, got it for my birthday and I’ve actually been playing it a bit to, hehe. I really like his album, it’s got songs for every occasion, and your mood can determine the mood of the album. Like now I’m listening to it and I’m fairly upbeat and happy, and the songs are coming across in that way, but I have listened to it when I’ve been feeling down abit and it reflects that mood. To me thats the mark of a good album. Something for every occasion.

To be honest this post is coming because I’m fed up of doing work. Been trying to do it all day, I’ve tasted various “posh” soft drinks and now my stomach feels bloated. It’s also an experiment to see if I can have pictures in my posts. I’m hoping it works. In fact if it does you will see the nice album cover of James Blunt. I thinks its a really good piece of design/artwork. I would actually quite like a big version as a poster, it would really good. Maybe I can develop my own piece from it, perhaps a bit of an autobiographical image. I’ve got a couple of canvases waiting for a picture.

Anyway back to the album, favourite track has got to be “So Long Jimmy”, I like the little riff in that one, its quite addictive and gets stuck in your mind.

Overall I have to give the album full whack, 5/5

Apologies, its not really been much of a review, more of my ramblings based on something, which I suppose is good. If it makes someone who hasn’t heard the album listen to it then woo!! But most people will have heard it so ah well!!