New one

OK, I have a new Blog, or at least the beginnings of one. It’s wordpress based and not yet ready for announcement, should I use, but I thought I would let people know. Its a free wordpress blog based on WordPressMU(multi-user) and is hosted by them as well.

I will see if I can get it up and running and working how I want it to before I publish the link. One advantage it does have is that I don’t have to switch to FireFox to do things to it as it works with Safari. Whilst this works with Safari it doesn’t give me all the options so I have to use firefox, which whilst being good for you PeeCee users, isn’t a patch on Safari (well in my opinion).

We shall see what happens.

Ok, so I have now discovered that this new WordPress is not as customisable as i thought, little annoying but hey. What I will do is run the two of them at the same time, and then once I get myself a wordpress real one sorted or this one allows for more customisation, I will let you know. either way, I am adding the link to it on the right somewhere!!