ooooooooo pretty!!


The all new iPod, with video playback and everything. It’s nice!! However unlike the iPodnano I don’t want one quite so much. Probably due to the fact I don’t want to watch video on the go.

It is nice though. I like how it has picked up on the styling of the Nano. Unites the family well. Not that I should really be surprised, this is Apple we are talking about and they do know what looks good!!

Talking of looking good…

How nice is that??

I soooooo want one. In fact it is on my list of things to get before I graduate, obviously to take advantage of the nice student discount I have now, and won’t have after I graduate.

It’s a new step forward for Apple. It’s the first iMac to have a media centre, kind of stepping away from the iMac as a computer and into the iMac as a key part of home life. Acting as a computer and a media centre all built in. To me it serves as something to take over from iPods appeal. Obviouslt the iPod will still be a huge factor, but the new features are centered around Apples new app FrontRow. With the remote that you can now get for the iMac and the built in iSight, it just serves to show Apple are striving to be at the centre of home life. Couple it with Airport Extreme and Express technology and you have one massive and very friendly media centre.

I can’t wait, just wish I had the cash to do it all now. Ah well I will just have to wait. But I so want one!!

As a bit of an aside. It’s nice to see Delirious in the iTMS. Their new single is up as a pre-release, although I can’t buy it at the moment for some reason. They have a few of their old album up as well, although dissappointingly now World Service, which is a superb album!!