The humble plug. A means of powering electrical equipment. One of the most useful inventions ever. Its ability to keep equipment powered is rivaled by nothing, it’s even helping me write this post. Whilst on the surface it is friendly and helpful, it has a much more sinister side. To hurt you. Yes that’s right, I JUST STOOD ON A FRICKIN PLUG AND IT FLIPPING HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who ever inveted the flaming thing to lie naturally on its back with thsoe 3 nasty prongs facing the sky is not a nice person. Surely they did it while they were inventing it, surely they did what I just did and put their whole weight on to the 3 small prongs facing the sky!! I didn’t do anything to it, I just unplugged it and pushed it to the side next to the wall. It could’ve behaved and stayed there, but oh no, its got to go walking around, leisurly sliding into the middle of the floor, calmly waiting for my unsuspecting foot to land square onto its 3 prongs.

Maybe I am being harsh, maybe its not its fault. Maybe its mine, maybe I should’ve ensured it was close to the wall. Maybe its the flipping cable it is attached to. Thats it. Its the cables fault. The cable could’ve stayed all tied together, nicely folded and tucked up to the wall, but oh no. It has to straighten out and have a stretch, kindly pushing the plug into the middle of the floor, waiting, mocking, laughing at what is about to happen!!


Ok, the pain is easing. Doesn’t seem to be any damage, nothing that won’t go away. Maybe I will survive, it’s looking more and more likely. The plug however, now theres a different story. If I ever see it in the middle of my floor again, lurking and waiting for my foot, it will not live. It will discover the ever so painful feeling of disconnection. Yes thats it. Permenantly diconnected, severed from it cable. Then who will be laughing?? Hey!! We’ll see!!

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  1. you’re well funny! that actually made me laugh at how bizarre ur brain is and the wonders of the way it works!!

    love you matey, keep smilin xx

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