This Weekend. Update 2.

Well, I didn’t get much work done today, looks like I will be doing it tomorrow instead. I did manage to get emails out to cell leaders and got some updating of the CU site in, although that is no where near finished and will have to wait til I have a bit more spare time. Discoverd that I have an assignment in at the end of the week so this week is gonna be a busy one. ergh!!

Forest won, woo!! We are now 2 points off the play offs in 10th and heading to Bournemouth in the next league game. Come on you reds!!

I’m a bit curious to see who, if anyone other than my Dad and Ernie read this. So if you do, please leave me a comment.

Heres to a productive work day tomorrow!!

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  1. i read 🙂

    and if your dad does too, then well… sounds like anyone else would fade into insignificance!

    sorry to hear your day wasnt productive, maybe i should have been more encouraging in my last comment!!

    speaky with u soon, smile on COS YOU ARE GREAT!!!


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