This Weekend. Update.

Well Friday came off pretty well. Jess came over and we managed to sort out all the cells. I asked Dad about the quiz, albeit not over the phone, but I asked. The only thing that didn’t happen was coffee with Kate. My fault though, apparnatly I said I would text her after my lecture and I forgot. So I was waiting for her to come over, and she was waiting for me to text her to ask her over. Ah well, maybe next week.

Hopefully tommorrows plan will be just as succesful.

In the mean time, I fiddled with my blog abit. I changed the skin, this one is much nicer. I edited the links section so its a bit more how I wanted it to be. Since people seem to read this one more than the other one, I think I will just concentrate on this, it seems abit daft to post the same thing on 2 blogs. Hopefully I will be able to customise this one a bit more, maybe the header I wouldn’t mind doing something a bit more personal and Phil related, but we shall see. The only thing I don’t like about this blog is that it doesn’t have full Safari support so I have to use Firefox everytime I want to post. I suppose its not to bad and could be worse.

Here’s to another productive day tomorrow.