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This Weekend.

Ok, so this weekend I need a plan. I have lots of stuff to do, so I need a plan to make sure I get it done!

Starting with today. Lecture, Kate is coming for a coffee, I need to organise the cells for CU, I have to ring Dad and ask him to so something for me (we need a quiz for CU!!).

Saturday. Work. I need to push on with my “eclipse” project, need to sort out the label and how it will look. Keep upto date with the Forest score. Maybe see some friends.

Sunday. Finish off stuuf I didn’t do on Friday or Saturday. Go to church, not sure on this one, I didn’t particularly like Cambray, it was a little bland for me, but I don’t feel comfortable at Trinity, oh the dilema!

The chances of it all happening. Well Friday is gonna happen, Lecture is a must, Kate is coming so thats sorted, just to do the cells, and that will be done as it needs to be done. Saturday. Chances of that happening are also quite high. Craig is at work, James is at home so only Steve and Dan around the house, means its quite possible that work will be completed. Sunday, well more of the same so that will happen. Woo! Hopefully a productive weekend for Phil is on the way.

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  1. yeh whatever phil! you know you won’t do it, well if you’re anything like me (and we were once twins I remember) then you wont get it done!

    sorry, i must be supportive and tell you that you can do it! Yehh go Phil!

    Obviously when i said my negative experience of Nottinghamonions, i was not referring to Phil of Southwell. You are indeed one of my favourites. it’s that Alan Head yoiu have to watch out for!!

    Big big cuddles xxx

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