Vault 49

Vault 49 are a bunch of Graphic Designers who I think are absolutely superb. They have done some wonderful works of art for a wide variety of clients.

My favourite piece of their work is the front covers of a Renaissance Mix CD. I even managed to find an advert for it in a magazine and it now adorns my wall(well part of my random wall). I like the way they fuse illustration and photography in their works, they work so well together, and I would love to be able to create pieces of work like the stuff they do. Well, I suppose its a case of I will be soon, hehe, since I’m doing Graphic Design at uni.

I suggest you go and take a look, its well worth it.

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  1. phil my dear… all ur blogs go over my head! i do try and read but it’s all so boy-ish.…

    do try and have a girlier blog!!

    j/k… big hugs xx

    p.s.… come to liverpoooool!!!

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