It’s been an interesting weekend.

Friday was a lot of fun. My cell group, Friday night Cell(FNC) went to the Friday night Church(also FNC) and came third. We beat the other two CU teams and enjoyed a free hot chocolate as our prize.

Saturday was also nice. I went to “The Study” to watch Cheltenham take on Newcastle in the FA Cup. Now what would normally happen is me, Dave and Joel would go to The Study to watch the match and have some lunch, its nice cheap food in there. Only this time it was rammed full of people. So we ended up making a mad dash to Burger King at half time. It was a good game though, very enjoyable.

Sunday, was also good. Went to Trinity and then went to Cambray as Lucy form CU was being baptised, always good. This was followed by a chocolate fountain at the girls house, also much fun.

Anyway, this week I will be starting my YCN brief, adding more to the site, look out for some portfolio additions and searching for a workplacement.

Inspiration. ›

One of the blogs I read called Tauquil’s Blog posted an interesting idea today. He has started a flickr gallery of images and pieces of design he finds inspirational. I might have to start one of these up. Seems like a good idea. especially as his blog will be in mine!!

Google fun!

Kate just sent me an email which I found quite amusing. The idea is that you go to Google and type in your name followed by the word needs, so for example “phil needs”. Then do the search and see what it brings up. One of the ones it brought up for me was “Phil needs a born again experience with Jesus Christ”. Looks like I’m on the right track then!!


For those of you who don’t know what an RSS feed is or how they work, you should go and check this article by Paul Stamatiou out. Its very useful.

The Formal.

Introduction that is. I’m just going to explain how this blog works, what to look out for and to request design feedback.

You will notice in an earlier post I made a comment about only having 3 categories. Now the keen eyed ones amoungst you will notice this is significantly less than my previous blog which had around 10. Now the idea behind this is that each post will be either classed as ‘content’, ‘notes’ or ‘noteworthy’. The ‘content’ posts will be the main blog posts. They are most likely to make up the meat of my blog. The ‘notes’ will be little snippets of info, they maybe a link to a site I have visited which I want to share with the world or just a general post that doesn’t quite warrant being classed as ‘content’. This leaves just the ‘noteworthy’ category. Posts within this category are posts which I feel deserve a little bit of extra merit, something to make them stand out from the crowd a little bit.

Ok, so thats how the categories are going to work. You might be wondering how the heck am I going to find something about a piece of design Phil has done? Well the simple answer is this. Each post will have a list of tags. These tags will help you narrow down your search. For example, if I make a post about the project I handed in on Tuesday, it will contain tags along the lines of “design, my design, calendar, project, uni”. You could then go to the search, or the tag cloud on the archives page and select maybe calendar. This will then show you all the posts that have been tagged with this.

Whilst over the next few weeks you may see the appearance of my blog change, some of it is already nailed down how I want it to look. The overall look of the blog for instance is likely to stay in this single column view. The flickr stream (those pictures at the bottom) is also likely to stay where it is. You can see the comments module as well just above the flickr stream. Its likely this will stay here, although its appearance is likely to change. I can’t get the feedlink icon to move next to the comments heading at the moment, very frustrating!

Anyway, I will sign off now as this post is getting long. I hope to give you more of an insight of what is in store for my blog over the next week.

Just a normal post.

Here is a normal post. We now have a post in all 3 categories. More to come about the explanation of the categories later. Once the setup is complete.

A little note.

This is just a small note to demonstrate the asides or notes as I call them. Its for testing purposes, but will help you to see the layout of the content of the blog.


Welcome to This is my official blog. It is under a period of testing at the moment. It is likely to go through a lot of changes in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Since this is my first post of the blog, I have placed it in the noteworthy category. Although it doesn’t say alot, it still represents an important mile stone in the life of this blog.