Microsoft, so inconsiderate!

Has anyone else noticed that if you try and sign out of hotmail in anything other than IE it never does it!! It always tells me “we were unable to sign you out of your account properly, please try again.” So I do and it never works. Now it could be because I am on a Mac, and obviously Microsoft don’t like that, but its no excuse for something to not work. It doesn’t matter what browser I am in, Safari, Camino, FireFox. non of them work!! Grrrrr!!

A catch up!

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. It’s been a mixture of lack of time and me not feeling like writing. I will also apologise now as this post is going to be a bit of a mish-mash of bits and bobs of information.

My time on the CU exec has come to an end. I have a mixture of feelings about this. One is that I’m quite looking forward to having more time and being just a member of the CU. It means if I’m not really in the mood I can just blend into the background, whereas before I had to be a bit more “out there”. However, on the other hand I’m kinda gonna miss it. I’ve been so involved that even though I’m still doing the website and most probably will find myself doing posters and stuff still its gonna be odd not being so involved on such a level.

This week I’m hoping to knuckle down with some work, get some ideas and designs on paper, need tog et my “creative juices” flowing again, I feel abit stale towards work at the moment!! Maybe I need to go in search of some inspiration some where other than my computer screen!!

On the blogging front I am playing with a new design for the site. I’m a bit happier with the layout of this one, I need to sort a few bits and bobs and get the styling right, but it feels like this layout could have design could have more longevity to it. I’m also thining of creating a little series of blog posts, something to keep me focused and interested.

Anyway time to depart for now, but keep watching this space!!

Royal Mail. ›

I just read this over at If.else (which by the way is a very good looking blog). It’s a bit of bumma really, what are the likes of Coca Cola and Vodafone going to do now??


I went upto to Sheffield for the weekend as it was Emma’s birthday party. Emma is a friend of Ruth’s from home so its a bit odd, but it was cool. Had quite a good time. We drove (well I drove and Ruth sat in the passenger seat) up on the Friday night and had a Curry for tea, yum.

Saturday we went into Sheffield. It’s quite a nice city centre, but nothing on Nottingham. We had lunch out and went shopping. I bought myself a hoody from Burtons that was reduced to £12 from £35, the extra bonus was that I got student discount on it so it actually only cost me £10, even better. Then in the evening it was Emma’s party, it was quite good fun, my mate Sam said he was gonna come for it but didn’t in the end, nevermind!! Not a lot really happened, the only eventful time was bed time when one of the guys Emma knows girlfriends was being sick. Tequila is not a good idea people!!

Sunday involved sleeping, having a fry up and then driving home. Son not a lot to report there.

This weekend I am going home as my car is in for an MOT and it’s Pauls wedding. I will bring another update of that weekend around this time next week. Maybe a bit earlier. I’m also gonna try and get a few more articles linked to in my notes and guess what? I’m getting bored of my design already. This means one thing, it’s not good enough so expect more changes.

The Zoo.

Ok, so today was our first random day trip. It was good, I really enjoyed myself. We had a really good day. It started off stupidly early at my house, but was soon made better with a McDonalds breakfast (not healthy I know, but we felt it was a good idea to have a hearty breakfast). We got to the Zoo at some point in the middle of the morning (I can’t actually remember the time!) and started looking at the animals. We saw Lions (how cool!!); Bats with massive wingspans; Random little animals; lots of bugs and stuff and such, erg; then we went to the fish and saw Nemo and Dorrie; next came the Gorillas and then the Penguins. The Penguins were just so cool!! I want one!! hehe!! However, I am not going to steal one, I’m not like the nasty people who stole the little Penguin after watching that docu-film about them.

After the zoo we made a visit to Ikea. BIG mistake! Never go to Ikea with girls. They are sooooo slow and actually want to buy the whole shop! We eventually made it out and back to the land of Cheltenham.

Jess took 284 pictures through the whole day. I have pinched a few and uploaded them to my flickr account, check the feed to see them. However, when Craig had a brief stint with the camera he took this rather cool picture.

Fraud. ›

I just read this post on fraud. Very interesting and very important. Thought I would bring mention of it to the few who read my blog.

A catch up.

It’s been a while so I thought I would update you on the site. I have begun uploading images to my portfolio so keep your eye on it as it grows. The design of my blog seems to be settling down now. I like the way its appearing at the moment and am just left to tweaking the little bits to set it off and finish it. Any opinions or crits welcome.

Yesterday was Rachels birthday celebrations so we all went over to hers and then out to town. The partying didn’t last long as most people were tired or not really in the mood. We were the last to leave at 12.30 (wow how hardcore are we!!) and James kicked up a fuss about it as he wanted to stay out, but he was the first one in bed when we got back!!

Today Me and Craig picked Jen up from her lecture and went to pick up the coats from the girls which we left there last night. Was nice to see her, she was the most Jen like we have seen her since we got back to uni after the summer. Then tonight it was CU. We had a social as its the inter-semester break and we weren’t sure who was gonna be around. We watched Madagascar. It’s very good, a little short, but its funny and I like it.

It’s looking like THursday may be our first random day trip of the year. Bristol Zoo is looking like the destination. Me, Craig, Dave, Jess and Liz are going, although we may pick up more between now and going. Jess also wants to go to Ikea on the way back, that could be dangerous. Stuff in Ikea is so nice!!

My Blog.

I have started I kinda mass design on my blog. I did a little brainstorming of ideas involving some thumbnail sketches and have now moved on to photoshop so I can move things around. Currently playing with some screen grabs for positioning. I quite like what I have.

Interesting. ›

I just read this post over at Broken Kode, which has a brilliant design. I thought it was quite an interesting read, part of me wants to make a comment on it, but then I don’t really know what to say. Just thought I would point it out to you.


I have gone back to the default K2 theme for the time being. I really can’t settle on a design so it will stay on this until I have at least got more of an idea of what I want it to look like.

My Blog.

I have found a design which I like. My blog is currently sporting a style designed by Dan cameron which I think I am going to use as a basis for my own design. I like its layout but the colour scheme is leaving a little to be desired at the moment. It is also not my own so obviously I am going to need to customise it. This looks like it has the potential to fit the purpose of my blog, which I’m still yet to post about, although it is on its way.

P.S. Ernie, I hope this is not to gothic for your liking!!

Internet Explorer.

I discovered today that this current design doesn’t work in IE (there’s a surprise!). I will try and fix this, although at the moment I’m not that keen on the current design. At some point in the next few days I will sit down and design my blog properly so its appearance will stay consistent for a decent period of time.

Went to CU tonight. It was good.

Tomorrow I am meeting Joel to discuss cell, and then to go on for a game of footy, whoop!! I really need to get fit!!