A few questions – part 2

A few weeks ago I made a post with some questions regarding a project I have to do at uni. Well I had a good response, I hoped for a few more from people I don’t know or who are non-christian, but all the same it has been interesting reading your comments. I have to say that I am now at the point where I’m trying to come up with an idea to illustrate hope. It’s immensly difficult and I have spent alot of the day staring at a blank page getting more and more frustrated.

So if you have any further ideas/suggestions on the matter please comment. Also the original post can be found here.

Once A Week ›

I just came across a student designer in a Magazine I read called Computer Arts. His name is Tom Judd and he has a project under go called “Once-A-Week”. Basically every week he produces a sketch book page and then publishes it on his website and makes it available to buy on ebay. The current page is at £30. Check his site here.

Evangelising Standards ›

I read this blog from Natalie Jost regularly. She is a web-designer and a Christian and I find her writings very interesting and often inspirational. Take a look at this recent post of hers.

Placement: The Review

Overall I throughly enjoyed my placement. It has confirmed to me that I am in the right industry and that I am going to be doing something that I enjoy. Particularly pleasing was that Dinesh seemed to genuinly appreciate the work I had done over the two weeks, and that one of my designs will definately be used. Now comes the aftermath and the boost to uni work. Wahoo!!

Placement: Day 8 & 9

Well the last two days of placement were really quite enjoyable. Day 8 was spent adding text into Brochures already designed and generating some logo identities for a horse trainer. Now this doesn’t sound very interesting or enjoyable but working in InDesign was quite good, as I wasn’t really designing my own stuff it meant I had the chance to work ou how to ues InDesign and find out how it worked etc. Was very useful.

Day 9 was really enjoyable. I spent the day working on the Growing For Life brochure. The client had been in and I spent the day working on some of the designs after the feedback they had given and also generating some ideas based on one of their requests for the styling. I particularly enjoyed it.

Ok, so no post about placement today as I didn’t have a lot of time tonight. Instead you will get a double post tomorrow followed by a big review of placement on the friday.

Placement: Day 6 & 7

Firstly, apologies for yesterday. I went to make a post of the events of yesterdays placement only to find that my site wasn’t working. It appears that my hosts database server seemed to be down as all is working today. Anyway on with the post, which will be a double of todays placement and yesterdays.

Yesterday was another good day. The morning, like last mondays was slow and not very productive. But, once that was out the way it was a lot better. I was on Roger’s G5 PowerMac as I forgot my iBook charger and his machine was free. It was great, the 23inch apple display was nice and spacious and is making me consider carefully what I am going to buy next year. Anyway, design wise I was working on some layouts on a brochure for a solicitors and I did a layout for another brochure for one of the gardening briefs we have on the go. Both were quite enjoyable and I received some good feed back from other members of the Montpellier work group.

Today was also a good day. I layed out a brochure for the solicitors and that was then emailed to the clients. I will get some feed back from them tomorrow but the people downstairs liked it so it looks like it might well get used by them. I also finished off a layout for a hotel brochure, which just involved putting the text into an existing layout. It was quite a hard day, well at least judging by how tired I am it was.

Self Branding

This first week of placement and a few articles on blogs around the interenet has made it clear to me the importance of self branding for a Graphic Designer, particularly for a younger designer trying to find his feet in the world of design. So, I’m setting myself a bit of a mini brief, although its no that mini. In the next few weeks, starting this weekend, I will be creating my own brand. The Phil Bowell brand. Starting with an identity and letting it grow into my website, via business cards etc. As a result you are likely to see some changes around here. A different setup for the website is likely to occur, starting with a seperation of blog and portfolio. Anyway more to come on this matter as it progresses. Who knows you might get some sneak previews.

Placement: Day 5

The last day of the first week.

That was quite a satisfying sentence to write. Don’t get me wrong I’m not counting it down because I hate it, more because I can’t be doing this getting up early malarky and want a holiday. On the whole though I am enjoying it. Spent the day working on a logo for a landscape design company and doing some illustration ideas for a nurseries. Both projects were quite enjoyable, although by the end of the day I was running out of ideas and inspiration. In that sense the week has been a tough one, although it has highlighted to me the fact that working on 2 or 3 projects and flipping between them is a bit easier than working on one constantly.

Placement: Days 3 & 4

So yesterday I didn’t do a post as I was busy in the evening. We went to the pub and watched the footy since Dave is an Arsenal fan and wanted to watch it. As a result today I will cover yesterday as well as today.

So yesterday was ok. A bit boring, we spent it working on the projects again. He gave me another Garden design one, so I’m kind of working on the two projects together although both will be very different due to the clients wishes.

Today was better than yesterday. Spent some of it doing some illustrations for a nursery, some little cartoon like kids. It was quite nice to get away from the computer screen a bit. We also met one a guy who is coming in free-lancing next week. It looks like I will be able to work alongside him quite closely next week, which will be cool. You can find his online portfolio here. He is just out of uni and trying to get work, so go take a look at some of his stuff, it’s good.

So tomorrow is the last day of the week. Woo!! Then I will be half way through my two week stint of placement. Nice!!

Placement: Day 2

So the second day of placement went well as well. I got set another project to run some ideas up for. Its for a Landscape Garden Design company, its a bit of a challenge particularly as they have not sent any information about the company. I have done a few ideas but hope for more when the information arrives and I can see what their garden designs are like.

We also looked back at the work done yesterday. The logo still looked good so not alot was done to it, in fact I don’t think we touched it. We also expanded on the brochure designs I did. Craig took the lead on this while I was working on the other project.

This whole placement is making me want to get my on-line portfolio sorted and the stylings for this sight graphically fresh and interesting that also reflects me and my values and styles. On the first day I thought that we were gonna be told to make ourselves a decent online protfolio but then Craig showed him the one has already done and that kinda looks like its killed the idea. So it looks like maybe at the weekend I will be getting my pencil and paper out to do some designs and stylings of how I want it to look. It will potentially cross over into some business cards for me as well.

Placement: Day 1

So today was my first day of my two week placement at Montpellier Creative. It started with a rediculously early start, I mean 7.30am!?!? what’s that about?? We arrived on time and spent the morning waiting for us to be told what to do. Eventually we were set a brief, which we are to work on for the 2 weeks we are there. The “we” , by the way, consists of me, Craig and a girl called Glenda who is also on placement. The brief is for a company called “The People Network” and is initially only for a brochure about the company, but we are to push it into a full-on project creating a new identity, website and printed material. Since we are all from different backgrounds we all have different areas of expertise and so can pull together and cover all the areas. Glenda, being an advertiser is behind the concept mostly; I am behind the Identity and print work and some of the website; and Craig is going to be behind the website and some of the identity.

So today was enjoyable. I spent the day working on a new logo and a couple of ideas for the printed brochure. I’m quite pleased with what I like, although the real test will be tomorrow when I come to look at what I have done today, if I still like it then woo, if not then I will go at it again, or at least re-work it a bit. Tomorrow will be a continuation of today work wise, plus maybe a few other bits and bobs.

Anyway, until tomorrows installment.