Searching and Growing

It’s amazing how the seemingly smallest, but actually quite big thing happening to someone else can give your own faith such a huge boost.  This term one of my housemates, who shall remain nameless, has been exploring God, his beliefs and doing an Alpha course at the church I and another of my housemates attends.  In the last few weeks I have seen a bit of a change in him.  He has been happier and more open to talk about things, and several times I have walked into his room and he is on MSN talking to a friend from home about God, asking them what they believe and just telling them about him and Jesus.

Now I just find that so amazing and you would not believe the impact it has had on my own faith.  It bouys me so much and makes me feel so happy that he is beginning to share in Gods love and to share Gods love with other people.  It just makes me realise how amazing God and Jesus are, heck its part of what has inspired me to talk about God and my faith on my blog.  I find the way that God is using him already to be such an inspiration to me, that I can only pray and thank God that he continues to be open to his use.

Part of his discussion tonight brought this little mp3 to my attention.  As he was talking he started to ask the question “If you die tonight, will you be saved?  Will you go to Heaven?” and that just really struck me how important it is to know Jesus.  Not just for your life now, today, tomorrow or next week, but for the rest of your life after the one which we know now.  Just how big it is for someone to be searching and discovering something that will make their life so much more full and complete, and the fact that he is searching and discovering this makes me believe even more strongly.  So much so that it makes me want to tell people more and to spread my faith and share it with others, and what better place to start than here??

So I leave you with this.  “When you die, are you saved?  Will you go to Heaven?”

Design, Me and this Site

Over the next couple of weeks you may experience a bit of funkiness on the site, so I am apologising for this in advance. As you may have noticed already I am beginning to tinker with the appearance of it and I will start to integrate my Portfolio. I am starting to get the design nailed down now, well at least the arrangement of it and a certain amount of the content. The appearance of the site will likely stem from my own personal ID which I am developing. Since the site is meant to reflect me and my work it will have to contain some of me within it.

This is something which I am quite looking forward to. I don’t currently know great amounts about coding and such so this exercise will be one of trial and error and is likely to contain a steep learning curve. Hopefully I will be able to add a string to my bow, or at least begin to. I have always thought that a designer who is flexible and knowledgeable in different areas stands a better chance of success than someone who is limited in what they can do. Since I spend a lot of my time on the internet I feel this area of design is very important, somewhere in which the future of design lies. Now I’m not saying that print is disappearing, I’m just saying that I feel the future of design lies in this area, or rather a blend of the two areas. Being to design in both domains with the two working hand in hand will, I believe, become a necessary skill in the design environment that I want to be prepared for when I find myself in a position that I need both.

I wil try and keep things going on the blog section during the re‐design, I feel it will be a good idea to keep you readers posted on developments as a way of keeping myself focused ont he job in hand. It may also serve as a place to plea for guidance in coding and making my site do the things I want it to do.

So I will sign off with a keep your eyes peeled, I’m looking forward to this and I hope you guys are too.


Last night was the baptism of one of the guys from CU.  He has had such an incredible year and you can really see how God has helped him and worked in his life.  So when a few weeks ago he sent an email invite out to everyone inviting them to his baptism it didn’t really come as any real surprise.  It really is such great testament to what God has been doing in his life.

I have been to several baptism services this year, but last nights really struck just how much I like them.  They really are fantastic services.  Everyone in the congregation is just so happy and pleased that the whole service kind of feels like a big party.  Everyone is just so thankful and wants to praise God it just makes me smile.  I think that a baptism service must be one of the best services to bring a non‐Christian too.  I mean if they go and see everyone in that kind of atmosphere and feeling so happy, how can they not wonder and want to know more about this thing that is making so many people happy.

On a more personal note these services really make me think.  I’m not entirely sure I know what it makes me think.  It could be that it just makes me realise how lucky I am.  That I know this God who made such a huge sacrifice for me, but not just for me, for all my family and all my friends as well, and even better that I am willing to let him work in me.  It’s like the service just acts like a massive inspiration to me, that I want my God to work in me, well to continue to work in me, but that I also want him to work in my friends.  Those ones that don’t yet know Jesus but also those ones that are already in a relationship with him.  Its just such an amazing gift that it frustrates me that people will only accept half of the story, the bits that suit them, but that another story.

Summer Ball 2006

It’s the Summer Ball here today at Uni.  Last years affair was quite good but lacked a bit of good music, we had The Goldie Looking Chain play here alst year, which to be honest is a bit of a disappointment.  This year is to be a different story.  After getting over the initial disappointment of Orson pulling out to go and support Robbie Williams in Paris things are looking decidedly good.  We have a band called The Fratellis, The Automatics and The Lightning Seeds, which looks to me like a decent line up.  I have heard some of The Fratellis stuff in the last few days and they were on Later With Jools Holland last night alongside The Automatics, so we look to be in good company this evening.  Any ways, I must get off to go and finish getting ready, I will post again tomorrow telling you all about it, along with a few pictures in my flickr stream.


I have been using Flock for a few days now and am finding it to be a brilliant browser. It has replaced Safari as my main browser and I find myself utilising its many different features on a regular basis. As I speak I am typing this post using Flocks built in blogging facility. The only issue I have with it is how the tags are added to the posts. They appear at the end of the main content and not in the meta data of the post, as a result the tags are not going through UTW and appearing in my blogs tag cloud. I will leave them at the bottom of this post so that you can see what I am talking about. I may well do a review of the browser in greater depth once I have really sussed everything out and have the browser really working for me.

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So today seems to have been a get my blog sorted day. I’ve been actively trying out Flock which has made it a lot easier to blog, although some aspects like the tagging system need working on. I started looking at other blogs, as usual, and noticed feedburner appearing on two or three of them, as a result I have signed up for a feedburner account. My blogs feed is now measured by these guys, so if you are a regular reader of my site please subscribe to my feed, it will not only help me keep track of how many people read my site but also help you to keep up todate. The only thing to do now, is sort out the design of my site, I make it sound so easy!!

My Blog

So I have been away for sometime now, it’s been a combination of many factors but the key one is the amount of work I have had to do. Some of this work may well find its way to my portfolio and blog in the not too distant future whilst other parts of it may well appear as blog posts. The vast majority of my work has been graphic design projects for various modules that have now finished, the other piece has been my dissertation proposal. This was handed in today and will likely prove to be the source of many posts to come in the next year or so. It is on a subject that I will find very interesting and which I may well use my blog to request people’s opinions or ideas on things. I’m not going to divulge the question I am going to try and answer just yet, but I will tell you that it is related to design, advertising and Christianity.

This will kind of represent a change of direction to my blog, one which I have wanted to make for quite some time but have just not had the chance, time or opportunity to do so. Expect to see a lot more blogs relating to my faith and Christianity in general. This idea has come from a lot of different things, but I feel it is something God is calling me to do. My faith is such an important part of my life that I feel I should not hold back about talking about it, and as demonstrated by such blogs as Natalie Josts it can be an excellent way of sparking interest in the faith and getting some good discussion going on the whole important subject of God and Jesus. So all the remains to be said is keep checking back for more developments.


This is a test post from my test browser. I have decided to give the web browser flock a try. It has some more integrated tools in it that allow for easier surfing. Essentially it is a web 2.0 browser as its focus is on interactivity. It has a way of allowing for making clippings for easier blogging, for uploading images to flickr and more things that I will likely not use. Any way I am just testing all this, I have some things to work out about it all, like adding Tags to posts and setting the category of each post etc.