So 22 years ago today I made my first appearance in the world and now here I am going into my last year at University. So yep, its my birthday today, and so far my phone has been going off constantly with texts from friends. Always makes me laugh how when it’s someones birthday we text them as soon as we wake up/with in the first hour of being up when chances are they are in bed wanting to sleep! ha!! Don’t begrudge them though!!

Hinduism no barrier for job as Minister! ›

I read this on Friday in the paper. I can’t quite believe what I read still. There are several things in the article I can’t quite believe. The fact that he thinks that he hasn’t “neither explicitly nor implicitly renounced my Christian faith or Priesthood” is just ridiculous. Simply by converting to Hinduism you have done just that, he has publicly stated that the death and resurrection of Jesus is not enough and that he must offer sacrifices and burn fires to Hindu idols. The fact he wishes to continue ministering in the Church when he returns to England is just, well, I can’t quite put it into words. I am with Mrs. Pauline Scott, who is quoted in the article, he should not be allowed to Minister again, and I hope that the Bishop of Elly takes away the license he granted Mr Hart.

So after realising whats missing from my site, I’ve started to prepare the first post for my portfolio. You’ve had a little taster of it, but now it’s time for a full rundown of it!! Well soon anyway!! Takes time to prepare the images!!

Itchy feet

No not in the sense you are thinking. I mean in the design sense, not the sense that I have physically got itchy feet! Ha! Yeah alright, I can hear you, my site has only just been redesigned. But I have itchy feet again! I don’t know why it is, I guess that it just doesn’t feel like me.

For those of you who have been here for a while it has always been a bit of an issue as to what my blog/website actually looks like. I have always wanted it to represent me, which continually presents a difficult task. I have to be happy with it. Now being me and being a designer presents 2 issues here. I am a perfectionist. Therefore, whenever I am designing for myself I am never satisfied, I can never settle on one particular design for long enough. As a result, I’m starting to get itchy feet already with how this blog looks. It doesn’t mean I won’t be using this design, no doubt it will be up for a while but I’m starting to want to change it again, it just doesn’t seem to be stylish enough for my liking.

Now, there is ussually a reason for my sudden desire to redesign the appearance of my blog. This time it happens to be the release of K2 0.9 and the superb job that Michael Heileman has done in creating Binary Bonsai on the K2 base. It just demonstrates what a superb base K2 is and the flexibility it has to create something unique and beautiful. Basically it is making me want to create something of my own. This means one thing. The next theme for my blog, which no doubt I will start designing soon, will be one that I code myself. Then I can say its all my work. So with that I’m going to start learning PHP and CSS, but specifically CSS. While I am setting myself this little task, it will no doubt take me a while to do, which means you get to enjoy the wonders of the current theme.

UPDATE: Who am I kidding, I do like this design, I just need to complete it all. Like making the portfolio link real and so forth!! The blog stays, amazing what a difference a day can make!

I’ve decided to take part in a little initiative that I’ve been seeing around. Basically it’s called Pink For October and the idea is that in order to raise awareness of breast cancer in BOTH men and women, blogs and other websites go pink for the month of October. Now I know my site has just been redeisgned so don’t panic this theme will be back after October and I won’t be “going pink” until the 1st October. I just think its a really good idea to raise awareness and so I thought I would participate. Plus I enjoy all this designing malarky!

Dawson for England! ›

Since Rio Ferdinand is injured it looks like former Forest defender Dawson could be stepping into the frame. This is great news! I’ve been a lifelong Forest fan and Dawson was one of those players who the fans adored. I still keep an eye out for him, I just hope he gets the chance to move his career upto the next level. Go Daws!