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It’s been a while, once again, since my last post, however with the approach of November I felt the need to post. With the end of October comes the end for Pink For October. This means two things. One, it’s a new month and I’m pretty much halfway through my first term of my final year at uni. Two, the site needs a change. With the end of Pink For October I want to change the boots of my site, however I don’t really know what to do. I like this current theme, so there is the idea of changing it slightly, colours etc, but there is also the problem of lots of peopl ehave used this theme, and I want my blog to be original. So do I go back to Electric Weekends old clothes from before October, or do I spend the week after my project hand in designing anoter new coat and attempting to build it. I would to be able to build one from scratch, but once again my technical know how is tiny so that looks unlikely. I also have the issue, that I really like the last design so should I go back to it. Except, I don’t like going back to designs after having something else on, which makes me think that I shouldn’t try and change the current theme. Argh, its all so hard! So onwards with the work and contemplating this after that is finished!

The linkage I spoke about yesterday has been added to my feed. It will come in one lump at the end of the day, with the collection of links I have made today. Most of the time it will likely only be 2 or 3, but at the moment as I get into this social bookmarking malarky I seem to be making more than that, I expect it to die down and settle out a little. If you prefere my feed without the linkage, or you like it with the linkage, then please do let me know.

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have loads of work on at the moment for Uni as well as publicity for our CU’s Mission Week and as a result I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and write a post. I have wanted to believe me and I have some post-it’s stuck to my iMac with the post ideas on them, so hopefully when things move on a bit they will turn into posts.

I have also recently started using ma.gnolia to keep a collection of useful links I come across. Since I thought other people might like to see some of the “cool” stuff I find, or the stuff that I find inspirational, I’ve added a Linkage section to the site. Anyway must be off now, work becons, enjoy the links!

Netcocktail ›

I have just discovered that my blog is featured or found on a colour scheme website called Netcocktail. From what I can tell, there is no about page, the website details colour schemes from a variety of websites. It looks like they are either submitted by people who view the Netcocktail site or by the people who run the site. I’m not sure how popular or well known it is, but it certainly made me feel good to have my blog design featured. It’s not this design, its my usual theme based on K2and coded by Ben that features.

Pink For October

So, anyone who visits my site often will have noticed a bit of a change to the clothes of Electric Weekend. It’s not because I have gotten bored of my other theme, it’s because I am in support of an initiative that started at the beginning of October. Now, yes, I know I am a bit late to the party, but there are reason for that. Mainly, I don’t have the time to learn how to code and make the nice stylish designs I wish I could, so I have to rely on other people and then hack away at their code when I do get time.

Anyway, more on this initiative. It’s part of a Breast Cancer awareness campaign called Pink For October. The idea? Everyone who wants to help raise awareness of the cancer participates by making their website Pink for the month of October. So, well, here you go. Here I am wearing pink for october.

The site is still getting tweaked here and there as I find links etc that need fixing, so if you spot some then please drop a comment. As for where this sites look will go after October is another question. I really do like the design of this theme so the chances are you will find some form of mod or tweak. I am also thining about where this blog is going to go. I have decided that my portfolio should be seperate from my blog, it will present a more professional me if my work isn’t there alongside my randomness of my blog. What this entails is another question, probably the purchase of although this does depend on financial situations, but I believe it will be a good idea to purchase and present as my professional image once I graduate from University. But for now, this blog is still here and I will try to post at a more frequent rate.

Anyway, please do enjoy the new boots, and keep tuned for some kind of adaption of the theme once October ends.

Edit: Forgot to say, this theme is from Derek Punsalan at and can be found here.