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Flash games are generally known to me as ways of avoiding work or procrastination! Anyway came across this one earlier today, tis strangely adictive and very cool. It is available for download on both Mac and PC however I can’t seem to get it to work on my Mac. If anyone can help please drop a comment.

Disgusted with Coke!! ›

Every year I always maintain that it can’t be Christmas until the Coke advert has been on TV (well its not the main thing, but when I see the advert its always the start of thinking about and doing crimbo shopping). Today I saw the Coke advert for the frist time, only it’s not the proper Coke advert! They’ve changed it! Booo! No longer does the Coke advert have the standing it used to. No more does the song “holidays are coming, holidays are coming…” mean Coca Cola, meaning it’s time to think about Christmas!

Mission Week: The Follow Up

So it’s been just over a week since Mission Week ended, the Life course has begun and things still seem to be quite encouraging. The Life Course had several people attend with about 5 non-Christians going along, which is encouraging and more than last years Life Course which we ran. Whilst this is good that events are coming along, I can’t help but feel that some of the members of the CU did not catch the bug, that they didn’t quite get the full meaning of

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

Matthew 28 v 18 – 20

This has been something that really struck me on the build up and throughout mission week. It really is our calling, everyones, to go out there and tell the world about Jesus. It’s one thing that I keep pointing out in my cell, and which I pointed towards in the last prayer meeting of Mission Week. It’s not just a week long thing and then we don’t have to do it anymore, it’s continual and we should always be looking to do it.

Fortunately I am not the only person who felt this, the CU exec and a few other members of the CU feel this and they are looking to run events and so on throughout the year. It seems as well that the Student Union here is also keen for us to continue to do events. They have given us the biggest budget out of all the societies here at the University, that is just so amazing, particularly when you hear about the events and going ons at other Universities (Birmginham, Exeter to name a couple). God is really working here, and it’s just amazing, there is such a Mission Team here, if only we can get those members who didn’t attempt to bring friends along, or who don’t feel as comfortable talking about the gospel, to learn that they don’t have to do it themselves, that Jesus is there with them and that he will use the situation and conversations they have.

Mission Week

Last week was Mission Week at my CU, I had originally planned to blog about it daily but I was that busy and that tired I was unable to do so. As a result I am going for a bit of a mass post about the events and will then follow it up with another post about what I got from the week.

It all started at 8am on Monday morning. We had the first prayer meeting of the week which was then followed up with the first session of First Contact. First contact was basically a way of engaging with the university. We went out armed with questionnaires (well I did all except Monday) which were aimed to open up a conversation and make people think about their beliefs. These sessions went on everyday based on a different campus each time, but all with the same purpose. On many occasions we were able to give the person we spoke to a book called the Life Gospel, which contained a small chunk of the bible in contemporary english. This was particulalry encouraging, particularly as two or three of the people I spoke to during the week had never had the opportunity to read the bible.

After First Contact we had a main event each night. On Tuesday we had a Pub Quiz in the SU Bar over at the Gloucester(Oxstalls) campus. This was a really good night, for many reasons. Not only did a large number of CU members turn up but also lots of people who are in halls at Oxstalls came as well. We later learnt that it was the busiest they have seen that particular SU Bar since the start of term, meaning that it was a large amount of people who got to hear our speaker, Michael Ots aka Motsy, talk about the Gospel. This kind of encouraging news spread across the whole week. On Wednesday at our Da Vinci Code showing 4 people took a free book about understanding while the Bible is relevant today, there were only 5 book to give away! Motsy also spoke after the film about some of the issues it raised and he had some people come upto him at the end to explain further why the film is so wrong.

Thursday night was probably the night which had the potential to make the most impact. We held an acoustic night in FCH SU Bar. The SU Bar on this campus is particularly busy on a Thursday night and so it meant a lot of people would be present to hear Motsy speak. Several tables around where I was sitting contained people listening to him and picking up and flicking throught the Life Gospels we had placed on each table.

The Friday night event, and the final event of the week, was held in conjunction with FNC. It gave us a relaxed environment, in which we could invite people along to here Motsy speak in greater detail about the Gospel. Unfortunately only 1 non-Christian was there to hear him speak, but he still spoke very well, as he did all week, and it was a nice relaxing end to the week.

Throughout the week we were also plugging our follow up course, which is called Life. It’s very similar to the alpha course in its aims and setup and many people throughout the week showed an interest in coming along. Hopefully they will attend and gain the chance to hear more about the Gospel. Overall it was a very good week, I learnt many things of which more news will follow. Please pray people continue to show an interest in the Life course and that those who took a copy of the Life Gospel will not just discard it but will read it.

Plinky Plonk ›

I made a bit of an executive decision whilst at church tonight. The keyboard voice called plinky plonk should be made illegal!! It’s the most annoying voice a keyboard player can use and for some reason one of the keyborad players at church insists on using it! I guess he is trying to be modern, but well he’s failing miserably, please use a different voice!!!

New Month, New Look – Part 2

Well I guess if you are reading this you will notice that I have returned to the old boots of Electric Weekend. I am using the theme which Ben coded for me, although I am making a few changes to it. The portfolio section, which to be honest never got off the ground, has gone and the asides (or my creative spark) have been replaced with the Linkage from the Pink October theme. I felt these links gave me more of a flowing content and represented more of my creative sparks, they are as ever, supplied by Ma.gnolia.com.

The other slight change is in the header. It has shrunk a little bit, well rather a lot, its less than half the height it was before and yes at the moment it is empty! I felt this was a necessary change as before the header was very large and meant the content was pushed down the page. The content is of course the most important part of a blog, and so I have decided to make it more visible fromt he off. Something will appear in the header although I am yet to work out what, maybe my name as before, but chances are it will be something different.

I also have to work out what I am going to use a couple of other elements for. Well, when I say couple of elements I mean the sidebar in the archives and about page. The about page one could be easy to develop, maybe including some links to my other areas of the internet such as facebook and last.fm, the archives one could be a little more tricky. There are also little bits of the sidebar that need tweaking as well, mainly in the way the links in my creative spark are being displayed, they seem a little seperate from the rest of the site at the moment.

If this sounds like a massive re-design then you would be wrong, not a lot of the site is going to change, it will pretty much be as it was when the theme was originally developed, I guess you could say this is more of a realignment. Keep your eyes peeled as I begin to tweak elements of it etc.