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Came across this interesting little site. Ever wondered which it should bePop or Soda? What do you call it? I’m a whatever type of drink I want person, not a generic name person!

Why I’m stopping “borrowing” CD’s

Towards the end of last term it was my CU’s House Party. We went away for a weekend of fellowship, teaching and just a chance to spend time and get to know one another. During the weekend we studied elements of both 1 and 2 Peter, with four talks across the weekend by our speaker Michael Ots.

Now from experience of studying 1 Peter during the summer with my cell group, I knew it was set to be a challenging weekend. The basis of 1 Peter is about how we, as Christians, need to live, it’s an encouragement from Paul about how our lives should be an example to others. Well part of what came through on the weekend, and to some extent in the summer, was how we need to obey even the smallest of things. Take for example the copyright law, and particularly the copying of CD’s onto computers, everyone does it, people will happily lend CD’s to each other knowing full well the music will be copied. I felt quite challenged on this little law, if I’m joining the rest of the world in copying music how can that be setting an example, how can that glorify God?

The bible tells us that God gives each Kingdom to its king, he chooses them to rule over the lands (I believe it’s in Daniel this is said) and those kings or leaders set the laws of the land for us to live by. These copyright laws are apart of this and as God has placed the leaders of my nation there and they have set this law then I should obey it.

Now before people jump in, I’m not going to stop copying MY cd’s onto my computer. I want to be able to put them onto my iPod, but they law covers this. I believe I am allowed to make 5 copies for personal use, I only intend to make 1 copy, putting it on my computer in order to listen to it on my iPod, this is I believe is still within the confines of the law. But I will be stopping borrowing friends cd’s and copying them to my Mac. Those people who know me will know just how much I listen to music, I have it on constantly, my iTunes music library is bigger than my 20gb iPod. I like music, I like new music, so stopping this borrowing will also stop my ability to keep getting new music. It means I will only be able to get music when I can actually afford to buy it, hopefully this will make me appreciate the music more as well, rather than just letting it join the hoards on my harddrive. It’s going to be hard to resist, but not nearly as hard as stopping speeding will be, kind of feel I need to do that too! It will be worth it though, anything I can do to be a better example to my non-Christian friends, and dare I say it, my Christian friends, is good.

Thinking of Mac? Read this ›

Open Switch, one of my regular reads, has a very interesting post. Ben posted about why he didn’t want a Mac, very well thought out reasons as well. The interesting bit is in the comments, and notice I said didn’t when the title is don’t!

Back To The Future

I’ve been enjoying more old school films over the last couple of days. Mainly the Back To The Future (BTTF) films. Today was part two, part three comes tomorrow, these films are superb its almost like they were made as one and then divided into three as it was too long to show as one film. Thought I would just show some appreciation to BTTF.

back to the future #000;” />back to the future Hosted on Zooomr

Aol/Yahoo Merger? ›

Came across this piece on Ars about a possible merger. My initial thought was what does this hold for Instant Messaging? A merger of the Y! network and AIM with Y! already having the ability to talk to MSN. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Tweaking, but not quite a live re-design

I’ve noticed a lot recently that many bloggers are giving their sites a live re-design. As prompted by my recent post Why Blog? I went back to a stock K2 install. I’ve since made a few tweaks and plan to make many more, it occured to me that it might look like I had joined in this recent trend. To some extent I suppose I have, but it wasn’t an intentional decision, I’m more interested in finding the purpose of my blog, and for me part of that has to be reflected in the design. As a result I’m tweaking my stock K2 install as I go along. I’ve made a couple but they were mainly because I wanted to give my blog at least some form of identity in the mean time.

Family Trees

I thought I would follow up on my first point of 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me. In it I stated that I was born on the same day as my three times Great Grandfather. Really it’s not surprising that people don’t know this about me as I only recently discovered it myself.

My Dad has been looking into his side of our family tree, something which is turning out to be rather fascinating. He’s discovered rather a lot in a rather short period of time and is now left with the pleasure of filling in the gaps and working out some of the mysteries. Whilst he has been doing this he has uncovered several unusual things, one of those being that my Great Great Great Grandfather was born on the 26th Day of September 1838. I of course was born 146 years later, but it’s always a nice coincidence to discover something along these lines.

There are many other interesting stories, he is discovering and I’m sure I will tell of many more when they are completed, I just thought I would share this little bit of family history with you all.

FeedBurner back ›

Just in case anyone who has visited recently grabbed my feed I want to point you to the FeedBurner chicklet in my sidebar. I have been using it for a while, but recently with all the chopping and changing of themes etc I forgot to put it back, so if you would like to re-grab my feed click the chicklet or use this address

Happy Christmas

Just wanted to say Happy Christmas to everyone, I hope you have a joy filled day and that you remember the true reason for Christmas. It’s not about presents but about remembering and celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

My First Meme: 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I have been tagged by Nick at TCRA to do this 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me.

1. I was born on the same day as my Great Great Great (I think its 3!) Grandfather. He was born in 1838 146 years before me.

2. When I was born, or shortly after, I was covered head to toe in eczema. I’ve now largely grown out of it apart from the odd patch here and there. The most troublesome patch, behind me knees, disappeared after a skiing trip with the Christian youth organisation Cypher when I was 14.

3. I went to casualty 4 times in 3 years at senior school for sports related injuries.

4. Some of you might know this one, but I’m stuck, ha! I worked in an old school style hardware store as a Saturday boy from the age of 16 to 18. I went back to work there in the summer as well and really quite enjoyed it!

5. I am a God-Father to the two sons of my old boss at the pub I worked in before I came to uni. Sadly I don’t see them much but I do pray for them as its the closest I can get to fulfilling my role as God-Father.

Ok, I’m supposed to tag some people now, I don’t know of many readers I have here so I’m going to leave my invites open and if I come across someone then I will add you!

Just for fun I shall be taking part in Micheal Heillemans idea. I will take a photo of myself with however I am with every 3 hours. Will be interesting to see how everyone celebrates NYE.

Why blog?

Recently I have wanted to blog a lot more than I have done. It’s been interesting kind of situation where I have wanted to blog, but once I have sat down at my iMac/iBook I have just not been able to think of what it is I want to say. It’s prompted me to think a lot about why I blog and what it is I want to achieve. So, I’ve decided I’m going to try and answer those two questions, starting with why.

I first started wanting to blog because I discovered some “famous” blogs that looked good. When I say looked good, I mean in the visual sense. The first one I came across was Binary Bonsai I just really liked its appearance and started to read it regularly. It made me want to have my own blog, which I could design and play with. So I started blogging. As an initial reason to want to blog that seems to have been met, the appearance of this blog has changed incredibly, but quite often because I haven’t really found a purpose for it. Even now I want to change it as it doesn’t feel right yet. This brings me to why do I do it now. Well, I enjoy it, simply put it’s something I like to do. I like to sit and write something and think I have something to say. Often I don’t and the amount of time I have been doing this and the number of readers I have kind of suggest I don’t, but needless to say it will not deter me.

This then brings me to the second question. What do I want to achieve? To be honest I don’t really know, hence why I find myself asking these question so regularly. One thing that I feel a blog should be is something that reflects its owner. Something that is personal but not too personal and something that is that person. So I want my blog to reflect that, in both how it looks and what it says. As a result it’s lead me to one conclusion. As I am a Christian and my purpose in life is to Glorify God, then that should be the aim of this blog. What I want to achieve is to glorify God through what I write and to be open to what it is he wants me to say. So whilst I try to achieve this, I need to pray about it, I will continue to blog, maybe not in a big way but in a way that can glorify Him. For those of you reading who are thinking my blog will become a Christian blog exclusively, it won’t, it will be a big part of it, it has to be, but it will still contain bits that I am intersted in.

I’m getting consicous that I’m rambling a little bit so I am going to go now. Please do drop a comment if you are reading and I don’t know you, it would be nice to hear from some people, maybe let me know what it is you like about my blog or what it is you think I could improve etc.

iBook down

My iBook appears to be dying. It started playing up a while back, mainly with the AirPort it wasn’t dectecting networks when I woke it from sleep. The my iBook started Kernal panicing, and now it will on turn on in safe mode. Even then it can’t find the Airport card. Think I will be taking a trip to the Apple store in Nottingham on Monday. Doh. Hope it’s not too pricey!

Live Re-design ›

One of the blogs I read, Avalonstar, has taken part in a live redesign, I think its still underway but its certainly been very interesting watching it grow and evolve. Here is a bit of an outline of what he has been doing. I have to say its looking very smart and stylish.

Tiger Admin ›

My wordpress is now wearing a nice Tiger styled costume, well at least the back end is anyway!

Edit: Temporarily disabled, as it seems to conflict with the ELA. Actually seeems the ELA are broken!

House Party

I’m going away for the weekend on my Christian Unions House Party. Much fun and probably not a lot of sleep to be had, but all good!