A catch up.

It’s been a while so I thought I would update you on the site. I have begun uploading images to my portfolio so keep your eye on it as it grows. The design of my blog seems to be settling down now. I like the way its appearing at the moment and am just left to tweaking the little bits to set it off and finish it. Any opinions or crits welcome.

Yesterday was Rachels birthday celebrations so we all went over to hers and then out to town. The partying didn’t last long as most people were tired or not really in the mood. We were the last to leave at 12.30 (wow how hardcore are we!!) and James kicked up a fuss about it as he wanted to stay out, but he was the first one in bed when we got back!!

Today Me and Craig picked Jen up from her lecture and went to pick up the coats from the girls which we left there last night. Was nice to see her, she was the most Jen like we have seen her since we got back to uni after the summer. Then tonight it was CU. We had a social as its the inter-semester break and we weren’t sure who was gonna be around. We watched Madagascar. It’s very good, a little short, but its funny and I like it.

It’s looking like THursday may be our first random day trip of the year. Bristol Zoo is looking like the destination. Me, Craig, Dave, Jess and Liz are going, although we may pick up more between now and going. Jess also wants to go to Ikea on the way back, that could be dangerous. Stuff in Ikea is so nice!!

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  1. its very white and as an occupational therapy student, white means clinical. but very sexy all the same.

    ikea is amazing, follow the yellow path!! hehe

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