A Scanner Darkly.

I came across this film trailer last night. It looks really cool. What it is is a mixture of live action film which is given a special treatment to make it appear animated. It looks really cool. I had to point it out as I really liked the poster and the whole thing is generally good graphics. Take a look. I’m really looking forward to it coming out.

On another note, I’m hoping to get some work done today. I had some inspiration last night for the new CU hoodie which is currently being designed. This is good. It means I am once again feeling creative. So I’m hoping to crack on with my YCN brief today, or at least get some brainstorming done for it.

I’m also thinking of going to the Forest match at the weekend. It’s in Bristol, which is only an hour or so away, and since we won 7–1 last Saturday i’m feeling much more optimistic about football again. Amazing what a good game can do for you, especially when it was against the team your housemate supports!! hehe!! Sorry Steve!!

Also we have new Mac Mini’s released by Apple, this is all good. Sadly the price has gone up on them, but they still look really good value for money. Anyways I am off now, Neighbours and lunch time.