Design, Me and this Site

Over the next couple of weeks you may experience a bit of funkiness on the site, so I am apologising for this in advance. As you may have noticed already I am beginning to tinker with the appearance of it and I will start to integrate my Portfolio. I am starting to get the design nailed down now, well at least the arrangement of it and a certain amount of the content. The appearance of the site will likely stem from my own personal ID which I am developing. Since the site is meant to reflect me and my work it will have to contain some of me within it.

This is something which I am quite looking forward to. I don’t currently know great amounts about coding and such so this exercise will be one of trial and error and is likely to contain a steep learning curve. Hopefully I will be able to add a string to my bow, or at least begin to. I have always thought that a designer who is flexible and knowledgeable in different areas stands a better chance of success than someone who is limited in what they can do. Since I spend a lot of my time on the internet I feel this area of design is very important, somewhere in which the future of design lies. Now I’m not saying that print is disappearing, I’m just saying that I feel the future of design lies in this area, or rather a blend of the two areas. Being to design in both domains with the two working hand in hand will, I believe, become a necessary skill in the design environment that I want to be prepared for when I find myself in a position that I need both.

I wil try and keep things going on the blog section during the re-design, I feel it will be a good idea to keep you readers posted on developments as a way of keeping myself focused ont he job in hand. It may also serve as a place to plea for guidance in coding and making my site do the things I want it to do.

So I will sign off with a keep your eyes peeled, I’m looking forward to this and I hope you guys are too.