Last summer when I came back from my first year at Uni I found things very hard in regards to my faith and living it. At Uni I am surrounded by friends from CU, my house mates are now all Christian, my girlfriend is a Christian and we are all together living it out. Last summer I didn’t feel like this at home, yes I have my friends here and most of them are Christian but it was just not the same. So this year, when I returned from Uni and met up with my friend Mark, he asked if I would be interested in joining a cell. He too had been wondering how we can support each other more when we are at home and came up with idea of the cell. Now it makes perfect sense really, we are all here, we are all in the same boat so why not.

So last Thursday we had our first cell of the summer, exploring 1 Peter. Instantly, I think, the whole group realised that we will all benefit so much from these meetings. It has been such an encouragement to me already, I really came away feeling I can do this and it won’t be as hard as last summer was. But not only was I instantly encouraged for the summer, I was also encouraged for my life. We only really explored the first two verses, but the second verse really is a great verse. Its message is just so amazing it really makes you thankful that you are who you are.

God planned long ago to choose you by making you his holy people, which is the Spirit’s work. God wanted you to obey him and to be made clean by the blood of the death of Jesus Christ.
Grace and peace be yours more and more.

1 Peter 1 v 2

How can that not just make you smile, not make you want to live your life for him.  He didn’t leave it to chance that I have a relationship with him, that I know Jesus and that he is in my life.  He chose me.  He wanted me to know him.  He wants me to love him.  He wants me to live for him and he has a plan for me.  That just makes me so thankful and gives me so much hope, that even though I may find things hard, I know I am not alone.  The fact that I have friends around me supporting me and who know the same thing just makes that all the better and somehow all the more easier.

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    hope you’re well x x

  2. ok somehow i managed to post it onto my blogspot so you can see it there…i still want a mac though. just thought it was funny and that you could probably relate 🙂

  3. i love phil, i love mark, i muchly love katie… hmm, i love southwell. i need to visit.

    the cell sounds an amazing idea – good on you all…!


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