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I have started I kinda mass design on my blog. I did a little brainstorming of ideas involving some thumbnail sketches and have now moved on to photoshop so I can move things around. Currently playing with some screen grabs for positioning. I quite like what I have.

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  1. How does it know my name!!! argh!!


    This is my blog. It is 1:23am on 4th Feb and Steve is rocking out on my bed (On my guitar). Phil just walked in brandishing flora (light gotta watch the calories). Oh he’s gone for the spoon style of buttering. Good work Phil!

    What a day its been! The hour and 26 minutes that have past so far have been very fun!




  2. Looks good. But you should have your blogs title somewhere in the header of the page also. I suggest aligned on the right. That might look good.

  3. I think it’d look nicer if the links don’t kinda ‘move to the right’ when you hover them. 🙂

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