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My Blog.

I have found a design which I like. My blog is currently sporting a style designed by Dan cameron which I think I am going to use as a basis for my own design. I like its layout but the colour scheme is leaving a little to be desired at the moment. It is also not my own so obviously I am going to need to customise it. This looks like it has the potential to fit the purpose of my blog, which I’m still yet to post about, although it is on its way.

P.S. Ernie, I hope this is not to gothic for your liking!!

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  1. Hey buddy,

    I know what you mean about choosing/customising a design!! I’ve literally only just got round to creating (start creating) my CSS stylesheet for my site and integrating it into WP. Its such a mission! I’m struggling for bloody design ideas thats my problem.

    I like the site though – looks very cool!

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