My Moleskine

Recently around the internet, well really the blogs I read, I have been seeing a lot of people talk about these little sketchbooks/notepads, whatever you want to call them. It’s kind of inspired me a little bit.

In September I will be entering into the final year of my degree and it’s kind of triggered a bit of a let’s look at myself moment. It was kind of triggered by my results for the last semester, which had dropped off from the first semester. Basically, it has made me consider my routines, habits, sleeping patterns that kind of thing, its all a bit of a self analasis and a what can I change to make things better.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with a Moleskine at the moment? Well one of the things I realised was that I don’t seem to be very organised. This can be applied to many different aspects of my life and is rather a strange one considering how much I like things to look and feel balanced, you would think I was a very organised person. So enter the Moleskine. There’s also another aspect that has come to the fore of my mind. As a creative I have always been encouraged to have a sketch book with me at all times. When I was younger I used to draw a lot, but as I have gotten older and discovered computers etc this has been way laid a little. So, once again, enter the Moleskine.

The Plan

In simple terms my plan is to always carry this little book around with me.

In slightly longer terms my plan is to use this book for everything. To write to-do lists in it, to jot down little bits of information I might need in it, to when I have an idea sketch it out in it, for when I’m sat waiting to sketch something in it, basically for it to contain as much as it possibly can. It is to function as, well, a resource I suppose. A resource for the jobs I need to do that day, a resource for what I have got on the week, for little bits of creativity, for pretty much everything really.

Now I don’t think that this can function on its own, while it will serve to keep me a bit more organised, using it in this manner may make it a little hard to track bits and bobs down, so the idea is to use it in partnership with other items.

In Partnership With…

iCal. The calendar packaged with OS X. It’s easy to use and integrates with everything else on my Mac. The idea is to transfer events and appointments from the Moleskine and process them as I do it.

My Uni Sketch Book. To handle the ideas for my work which I get whilst out and about but quite often forget unless I talk to whoever I’m with about it.

My Bible. I intend to use the Moleskine for everything, including a few notes at Church and CU and as a way of remembering people to pray for.

So there it is, thats what I intend to use it for. by starting now, before i go back to Uni I hope for it to become a bit of a habit that will carry on to become second nature. Now I just have to tackle the whole sleeping pattern and other such issues when I am at Uni.