New Month, New Look

It’s been a while, once again, since my last post, however with the approach of November I felt the need to post. With the end of October comes the end for Pink For October. This means two things. One, it’s a new month and I’m pretty much halfway through my first term of my final year at uni. Two, the site needs a change. With the end of Pink For October I want to change the boots of my site, however I don’t really know what to do. I like this current theme, so there is the idea of changing it slightly, colours etc, but there is also the problem of lots of peopl ehave used this theme, and I want my blog to be original. So do I go back to Electric Weekends old clothes from before October, or do I spend the week after my project hand in designing anoter new coat and attempting to build it. I would to be able to build one from scratch, but once again my technical know how is tiny so that looks unlikely. I also have the issue, that I really like the last design so should I go back to it. Except, I don’t like going back to designs after having something else on, which makes me think that I shouldn’t try and change the current theme. Argh, its all so hard! So onwards with the work and contemplating this after that is finished!