Placement: Day 2

So the second day of placement went well as well. I got set another project to run some ideas up for. Its for a Landscape Garden Design company, its a bit of a challenge particularly as they have not sent any information about the company. I have done a few ideas but hope for more when the information arrives and I can see what their garden designs are like.

We also looked back at the work done yesterday. The logo still looked good so not alot was done to it, in fact I don’t think we touched it. We also expanded on the brochure designs I did. Craig took the lead on this while I was working on the other project.

This whole placement is making me want to get my on-line portfolio sorted and the stylings for this sight graphically fresh and interesting that also reflects me and my values and styles. On the first day I thought that we were gonna be told to make ourselves a decent online protfolio but then Craig showed him the one has already done and that kinda looks like its killed the idea. So it looks like maybe at the weekend I will be getting my pencil and paper out to do some designs and stylings of how I want it to look. It will potentially cross over into some business cards for me as well.