Power Cut

It’s not until it goes away that you realise just how much you rely on it!

This lunch time just as I was settling in to do some work while watching Forest on BBC1 our power went. It had previously gone during the night as when I woke up my alarm was flashing and showing 4.30am, meaning I had slept in and missed church. So just as I am settling down for work the power goes again. Fine, I thought I will go make some lunch, only one problem, our cooker is electric, doh! So Unable to eat or do work I was left stranded, over to Lucie’s and they don’t have power either, double doh!

It just made me think exactly how much I rely on electricity. I need it to do most things, my work on a computer, to cook for myself, to see by (it was getting dark when the power came back on) modern day life pretty much relies on this stufff to function. I had a plan to go into town and do some bits and bobs which need doing, only one problem, without power I can’t get money or pay for things! The world pretty much only works with electricity, kind of a scary thought!