Having been back from uni for a couple of weeks now I have started working at the old hardware store I worked in when I was 16. I now feel its time to assess some of the other bits and bobs to do over my summer. Mainly in the world of design. I have Kate’s wedding invites etc to do, but also a redesign of this site. Well, I call it a redesign, it would actually be a design, since I have been using only a slightly customised version of K2 for most of its life.

Having decided to take on this design it seems that I have to first address the direction of this site. Now I want it to represent me. This means that it has to contain bits of me. Now what are these bits of me?? Well they are what I am interested in, what I think about certain things, what I believe and what I design. So, put simply it has to contain my blog (what I think, what I believe and what I am interested in) and my portfolio (what I design). So thats the two elements of my site, “what I think” and “what I do”. Now there will be some cross over here, as what I think is reflected in what I do and what I do is reflected in what I think, but at the end of the day these are the two main elements of my site.

So the initial onset of the design is to reflect this. To reflect he two things that the site has to present, notice I put present. This is the keyword. The site is to present these things and to represent me. So whilst the site has to present them, and I need a good design to do this, it also needs to represent me.

Now being a graphic designer, and one element of the site is to present my portfolio, the whole site needs to be a part of this. My previous plans had been to have a seperate portfolio site and a seperate blog, but I now feel that it is important to present both of these things together. My blog is likely to contain many different things, from an employers perspective it can be seen to show how aware I am of whats going on around me and as another portal of what inspires me. A designer needs to be aware, and if one method of demonstrating this awareness is through my blog, then I don’t believe it should be seperate from my work.

So the design begins, I will no doubt keep you updated on its progress, I have a tight schedule to work to on one of the hardest tasks I have ever undertaken. Designing for yourself is so much harder!!

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