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Searching and Growing

It’s amazing how the seemingly smallest, but actually quite big thing happening to someone else can give your own faith such a huge boost.  This term one of my housemates, who shall remain nameless, has been exploring God, his beliefs and doing an Alpha course at the church I and another of my housemates attends.  In the last few weeks I have seen a bit of a change in him.  He has been happier and more open to talk about things, and several times I have walked into his room and he is on MSN talking to a friend from home about God, asking them what they believe and just telling them about him and Jesus.

Now I just find that so amazing and you would not believe the impact it has had on my own faith.  It bouys me so much and makes me feel so happy that he is beginning to share in Gods love and to share Gods love with other people.  It just makes me realise how amazing God and Jesus are, heck its part of what has inspired me to talk about God and my faith on my blog.  I find the way that God is using him already to be such an inspiration to me, that I can only pray and thank God that he continues to be open to his use.

Part of his discussion tonight brought this little mp3 to my attention.  As he was talking he started to ask the question “If you die tonight, will you be saved?  Will you go to Heaven?” and that just really struck me how important it is to know Jesus.  Not just for your life now, today, tomorrow or next week, but for the rest of your life after the one which we know now.  Just how big it is for someone to be searching and discovering something that will make their life so much more full and complete, and the fact that he is searching and discovering this makes me believe even more strongly.  So much so that it makes me want to tell people more and to spread my faith and share it with others, and what better place to start than here??

So I leave you with this.  “When you die, are you saved?  Will you go to Heaven?”

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  1. oh man, it is so exciting and refreshing ‑we really do have the best news out there and when people realise it for themselves…wow!! And doesn’t it inspire you more to pray for your friends?… you alone will know how much you’ve prayed for your ‘anonymous housemate’-we all have. the Lord never forsakes His children.

    That George Street thing, it really makes you think… it really is THAT SIMPLE. God uses us even when we think we can’t do anything, Mr.Genor thought for 40 years that what he was doing had no impact but how wrong he was?! The Lord works in mysterious ways and can use absolutely anything for his glory ‑we just need to step out in faith. It’s not us, it’s God.

    Heaven knows us, there’s going to be a party!!

  2. You are right Jess, it really is that simple. It does make you want to pray for them more, and it seems so much more easier to talk about it when there is someone new to it all around. They do say that the best people to talk about God are the people who only just discovered him!!

  3. how evangelical all of a sudden. that post was such an encouragement! more of the same! i’ve hear that mp3, its so powerful.

    i miss you phil… :o(

    and i intend to party like crazy with you in Heaven… :o)

    cya then if not before – lol, i hope to see you this summer, actually… hopefully.


  4. Ha, I thought that as I wrote it. But its so true, these things are so inspirational. Would be good to see you at some point this summer, if you can fit me in amoungst all your business. Plus, we are so gonna party in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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