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The Zoo.

Ok, so today was our first random day trip. It was good, I really enjoyed myself. We had a really good day. It started off stupidly early at my house, but was soon made better with a McDonalds breakfast (not healthy I know, but we felt it was a good idea to have a hearty breakfast). We got to the Zoo at some point in the middle of the morning (I can’t actually remember the time!) and started looking at the animals. We saw Lions (how cool!!); Bats with massive wingspans; Random little animals; lots of bugs and stuff and such, erg; then we went to the fish and saw Nemo and Dorrie; next came the Gorillas and then the Penguins. The Penguins were just so cool!! I want one!! hehe!! However, I am not going to steal one, I’m not like the nasty people who stole the little Penguin after watching that docu-film about them.

After the zoo we made a visit to Ikea. BIG mistake! Never go to Ikea with girls. They are sooooo slow and actually want to buy the whole shop! We eventually made it out and back to the land of Cheltenham.

Jess took 284 pictures through the whole day. I have pinched a few and uploaded them to my flickr account, check the feed to see them. However, when Craig had a brief stint with the camera he took this rather cool picture.