It’s been a bit of a gap in blogging of late, so I must first apologise for that. One thing that I want to stress is that this is my blog and so I don’t really stick to a pattern of blogging, I just tend to do it when I have something to say or when I feel like it. One of the reason why I haven’t posted much is that I haven’t really done much of late other than work and chill out so I haven’t really felt like writing. Hopefully this will change over the next few weeks. I finish work on Thursday and will have a couple of weeks before I go back to Uni. I intend to start reading for my dissertation in these weeks, so you may get something of interest to read soon.

You will have noticed a bit of a change in the sites desgin. Ben has implemented a bit more of my design. It’s almost finished now, there are just a few logistics that need working out etc. I’m preparing a bit of a launch post, so when it’s all completed I will post that. Any feedback on the design will be greatly appreciated.