I went upto to Sheffield for the weekend as it was Emma’s birthday party. Emma is a friend of Ruth’s from home so its a bit odd, but it was cool. Had quite a good time. We drove (well I drove and Ruth sat in the passenger seat) up on the Friday night and had a Curry for tea, yum.

Saturday we went into Sheffield. It’s quite a nice city centre, but nothing on Nottingham. We had lunch out and went shopping. I bought myself a hoody from Burtons that was reduced to £12 from £35, the extra bonus was that I got student discount on it so it actually only cost me £10, even better. Then in the evening it was Emma’s party, it was quite good fun, my mate Sam said he was gonna come for it but didn’t in the end, nevermind!! Not a lot really happened, the only eventful time was bed time when one of the guys Emma knows girlfriends was being sick. Tequila is not a good idea people!!

Sunday involved sleeping, having a fry up and then driving home. Son not a lot to report there.

This weekend I am going home as my car is in for an MOT and it’s Pauls wedding. I will bring another update of that weekend around this time next week. Maybe a bit earlier. I’m also gonna try and get a few more articles linked to in my notes and guess what? I’m getting bored of my design already. This means one thing, it’s not good enough so expect more changes.