Well Done Jenson!


As usual on a Sunday I sat and watched the Grand Prix. I’m one of those fans of it that will sit and watch the race no matter how interesting it is, I alsways find some enjoyment out of it. Todays race was a bit of a cracker. It had everything right from the off. The fact that it was a wet race may have contributed to this, but at the end of the day it was a stunning race. Over taking left, right and centre, crashes and all the other dramas normally attributed to a a Grand Prix.

Now normally I don’t blog about F1, I’m not into it so much that I will give facts and figures, nor is it something I live and breath, but I do enjoy it and always will. Now I’m a big McLaren fan, always have been, but I also like to look out for the British drivers, David Coulthard and Jenson Button. I’m liable to cheer them on and hope they do well even if it means beating a McLaren.

Todays race wasn’t just a thrill to watch because of all the action, but because JB finally won! He produced a stunning drive and got exactly what he deserved. While all the other drivers around him were falling off the track, including Michael Schumacher :D, he kept his cool, smooth driving style to come through from 14th on the grid and win. I have to say congratulations, well and truely deserved.

there was only one sour point to the whole thing. At the end of the race the commentator said it took people falling offf the track for it to happen, but he is there, he;s finally won a race. Now excuse me, I know the only person ahead of him at one point was Fernando Alonso, and yes his car broke, but you forget one thing. At that point in the race, Jenson was closing in on Fernando by 2 seconds a lap, he would’ve caught him regardless of his retirement. I’m in no doubt that Jenson would’ve won that race anyway, when he was lapping that much faster than the only person ahead of him then I beleive he would’ve passed the world champion on the track, he had already passed Schumacher earlier in the race as it was.

Anyway, enough of that. Well done Jenson Button! Britain has an F1 winner once again! Hopefully this is the plat form the team needs so that Jenson can really challenge for the title next season.