Why blog?

Recently I have wanted to blog a lot more than I have done. It’s been interesting kind of situation where I have wanted to blog, but once I have sat down at my iMac/iBook I have just not been able to think of what it is I want to say. It’s prompted me to think a lot about why I blog and what it is I want to achieve. So, I’ve decided I’m going to try and answer those two questions, starting with why.

I first started wanting to blog because I discovered some “famous” blogs that looked good. When I say looked good, I mean in the visual sense. The first one I came across was Binary Bonsai I just really liked its appearance and started to read it regularly. It made me want to have my own blog, which I could design and play with. So I started blogging. As an initial reason to want to blog that seems to have been met, the appearance of this blog has changed incredibly, but quite often because I haven’t really found a purpose for it. Even now I want to change it as it doesn’t feel right yet. This brings me to why do I do it now. Well, I enjoy it, simply put it’s something I like to do. I like to sit and write something and think I have something to say. Often I don’t and the amount of time I have been doing this and the number of readers I have kind of suggest I don’t, but needless to say it will not deter me.

This then brings me to the second question. What do I want to achieve? To be honest I don’t really know, hence why I find myself asking these question so regularly. One thing that I feel a blog should be is something that reflects its owner. Something that is personal but not too personal and something that is that person. So I want my blog to reflect that, in both how it looks and what it says. As a result it’s lead me to one conclusion. As I am a Christian and my purpose in life is to Glorify God, then that should be the aim of this blog. What I want to achieve is to glorify God through what I write and to be open to what it is he wants me to say. So whilst I try to achieve this, I need to pray about it, I will continue to blog, maybe not in a big way but in a way that can glorify Him. For those of you reading who are thinking my blog will become a Christian blog exclusively, it won’t, it will be a big part of it, it has to be, but it will still contain bits that I am intersted in.

I’m getting consicous that I’m rambling a little bit so I am going to go now. Please do drop a comment if you are reading and I don’t know you, it would be nice to hear from some people, maybe let me know what it is you like about my blog or what it is you think I could improve etc.

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