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Towards the end of last term it was my CU’s House Party. We went away for a weekend of fellowship, teaching and just a chance to spend time and get to know one another. During the weekend we studied elements of both 1 and 2 Peter, with four talks across the weekend by our speaker Michael Ots.

Now from experience of studying 1 Peter during the summer with my cell group, I knew it was set to be a challenging weekend. The basis of 1 Peter is about how we, as Christians, need to live, it’s an encouragement from Paul about how our lives should be an example to others. Well part of what came through on the weekend, and to some extent in the summer, was how we need to obey even the smallest of things. Take for example the copyright law, and particularly the copying of CD’s onto computers, everyone does it, people will happily lend CD’s to each other knowing full well the music will be copied. I felt quite challenged on this little law, if I’m joining the rest of the world in copying music how can that be setting an example, how can that glorify God?

The bible tells us that God gives each Kingdom to its king, he chooses them to rule over the lands (I believe it’s in Daniel this is said) and those kings or leaders set the laws of the land for us to live by. These copyright laws are apart of this and as God has placed the leaders of my nation there and they have set this law then I should obey it.

Now before people jump in, I’m not going to stop copying MY cd’s onto my computer. I want to be able to put them onto my iPod, but they law covers this. I believe I am allowed to make 5 copies for personal use, I only intend to make 1 copy, putting it on my computer in order to listen to it on my iPod, this is I believe is still within the confines of the law. But I will be stopping borrowing friends cd’s and copying them to my Mac. Those people who know me will know just how much I listen to music, I have it on constantly, my iTunes music library is bigger than my 20gb iPod. I like music, I like new music, so stopping this borrowing will also stop my ability to keep getting new music. It means I will only be able to get music when I can actually afford to buy it, hopefully this will make me appreciate the music more as well, rather than just letting it join the hoards on my harddrive. It’s going to be hard to resist, but not nearly as hard as stopping speeding will be, kind of feel I need to do that too! It will be worth it though, anything I can do to be a better example to my non‐Christian friends, and dare I say it, my Christian friends, is good.

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  1. Dude, any kind of CD copying is illegal, even making one copy for your own personal use. There is no 5 copies rule.

    In the US they have a fair use law that allows you to make a back up copy. In the UK we have nothing like that. what’s more even ripping the CD is your PC as an MP3 is illegal as it’s making a copy.

    I am not sure what moral dilemma that puts you in, do you have to still follow the law if it is unjust?

    Apparently the British Phonographic association have said that they won’t prosecute anyone for doing it.

  2. Thanks for the info Errol, I wasn’t aware of that. I’m a bit stuck now, although I did find an article about a government funded think tank that suggested the UK changes that rule due to the popularity of iPod etc.

    I think I shall be exploring more into this over the next few weeks, theres also the issue of it backs up all my purchases so if I lose or a CD gets stolen I’m covered. hmmmm.

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