Zooomr is a photo sharing service similar to flickr. It’s currently in a beta stage of development so I have decided to give it a bit of a try. It also comes with the added incentive that if I blog about it and use my photos in my blog then I will be upgraded to a free pro account.

The service is very similar to flickr. It lets you upload your photos and tag them so that they can be easily sorted and searched for. The service on first glance seems to miss a couple of key features, mainly the ability to make sets for your pictures to appear in. However it does have a couple of extra features which I do like. One being the trackbacks. This works similarly to how the track backs in blogs work. If some one uses your photo then a trackback will appear under it in the same manner that a trackback appears under a blog post when someone refers to it.

Anyway, here is my picture hosted on zoomr, its from the day of the summer ball when we all met up at the beer gradens. Using this photo on my blog will give me a free pro account, so if you are a blogger I recommend you go and give Zoomr a test drive, it is being upgraded at some point in the next week but they promise photos will be working no matter what.

Summer Ball 2006-03 #000;” />Summer Ball 2006-03Hosted on Zooomr