Graphic Inspiration: Shaun Inman

Technically this is number 2, but I’m gonna class it as number 3 as well. I had prepared a post for the second Graphic Inspiration a few days ago, but then Shaun Inman went and updated the design of his site again. I was a big fan of the previous design, which is why I’m including it again, but I also really like his new design. It’s very clean and stylish, as many of his designs have been. I like the concept of the site as well. The idea of content aging as time goes by, is very interesting and something I will keep an eye on.

Part one of the Shuan Inman graphic inspiration!

Part Two!


Incase you haven’t noticed I have amde a couple of alterations to the header of my blog. I’ve wanted to do it for a while just not had time, but with handing in a project yesterday I now have slightly more free time than i did have. I’ve had a little tinker with the header and now have some rotating images up there, I will add to these as I find more suitable images, but for now there are just the two images.

I’m not totally satisfied with it at the moment, I want to do something but I don’t konw how to do it. If you hover over the main title, you will see the text changes colour and has a background colour to it as well. Now I want to add a bit of padding to this, so the background is a bit wider than the text, but can’t seem to get it to work. I would also like to have the title look like that all the time. Does anyone know who to do this in K2? If you could let me know I would really appreciate it.

Colour Shuffle

I’ve recently had the chance to see and try out the new iPod Shuffle, one of my friends got one for Christmas, and it’s brilliant. It’s so small. I’m really tempted to get one, but I’m managing to hold off at the moment, but it would be so useful, I get fed‐up of carrying my iPod around with me, it’s too big and this is so small! grrrr! What’s worse is Apple make it so appealing. It’s now in colour!


Fortunately they didn’t do a Product (RED) version, like the Nano, otherwise I would be finding it very hard to resist!

Subscribe to Comments and Related Posts

I just added a subscribe to comments via email plugin. As far as I can tell it’s all working properly, but if it’s not please let me know. I also added a related posts plugin to the sidebar, but it doesn’t seem to be showing anything. If anyone knows of a related posts plugin that is compatible with K2’s sidebar modules please say.


Recently I have been hearing, reading and seeing a lot of stuff about using our gifts for God. It was in a part of our talk at CU on Tuesday, I’ve read posts on blogs about it, and it’s really making me think particularly with the end of Uni approaching fast!

I’m a visual person, I’ve always been a visual person, it’s what I do. Now, I firmly believe that my creative talents are a gift from God and I want to use them to glorify him. In my two and a bit years at Uni I have been heavily involved in publicity and graphics for the CU, which I’ve really enjoyed. It’s something I would like to do in the future, for churches and organisations. So with the end of Uni coming quick it’s time for me to start thinking about what I can do next. I’ve started to look at studios and such, but not knowing where I’m going to be makes it extra hard. The one thing I’m really starting to confirm is that I want to work somewhere which will allow me to use my talents and skills for the benefit of the Church.

Something which I believe strongly in is that Churches and Christian organisation really need to have a strong visual identity and this is something I want to work on and help churches create. But why do I think it’s so important? I think it’s so important for a church to have a strong visual identity as it allows people outside the church generate a link with it. Brands and identities are all over the place, people are used to seeing strong brands, and if they see a church that has a strong brand it helps them to realise that the church and everything it stands for is relevant today. If people see the amateurish home made brandings most churches have these days, they are less likely to take any notice of it. It instantly makes that church out of touch with society, at least in their minds. But if they see a well thought out polished identity that brings with it a certain level of credibility, they are far more likely to be open to the message that church is bringing.

I’m starting to go off topic now, or am I? This is a part of my giftings, creating visual identites is a part of what I do, and if I can use that and couple it with the church and Matthew 28 then all the better. The church is all about making the Gospel accessible to people who don’t hear it, and starting with a strong ID for your church is only going to help that accesibility.

THe Usual Suspects ›

I’ve been printing out my flick book today, and I’ve had The Usual Suspects on while I did it. It’s just finished and the last line of it really resonated with me.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exsist.


I came across this post which Kristin Pishdadi wrote about the trading of icons on Iconbuffet, so I helped her out. It gave me the idea I should post what I have and what I don’t have here.

The ones I have(the amount left to deliver is the number beside them)
Alexandria Architecture – 5
Alexandria Atmosphere – 4
Alexandria Cosmonauts – 4
Alexandria Audio – 5
Anaheim Alert – 3
Ashbury Menagerie – 5
Blinksale – 5
Dresden Atmosphere – 5
Dresden Auto – 5
Dresden Tournament – 4
Farewell Snow – 5
Gingerbread Suite – 5
Groom Lake Invasion – 5
Helsinki Hi‐Fi – 5
Kyoto Auto – 5
Kyoto Geometry – 2
Mallow Buzz 1 – 5
Mallow Buzz 2 – 5
Manhatan Metroplex – 5
Manhattan Nightlife – 5
Manhattan Smilies 1 – 4
Manhattan Smilies 2 – 4
Manhattan Symbol – 4
Manhattan Tech Toys – 5
Manhattan Veggie – 5
Marseilles Breakfast – 5
Marseilles Cafe – 5
Modena Alfanumerico Cold – 5
Modena Alfanumerico Cool – 5
Modena Alfanumerico Molten – 5
Modena Simbolo – 5
New York Noir – 5
Oslo Atmosphere – 5
Oslo Easter – 5
Oslo Finance – 5
Pumpkin Eve 1 – 3
Pumpkin Eve 2 – 5
Shanghai Tech – 5
Shanghai New Year – 5
Shanghai SMilies – 5
Shanghai Tech Vector – 5
Shanghai Toolbox – 4
Super Modena Bros – 4
Taipei Buddies 1 – 5
Taipei Buddies 2 – 5
Taipei Monkey – 5
Taipei Night Market – 5
Taipei Plastic Primates – 5
Tower Grove Elementalist – 5
Tower Grove Melee – 5
Tower Grove Promenade – 5
Tower Grove Wedding – 5
Turkey Hunt – 5
Yuletide Snow – 5

The ones I don’t have
Ashbury Welcome
Durange Research
Mallow Symbol
Shanghai Fortune

If you can help out with osme of the missing ones, my account name is philbowell and email is phil [at] electricweekend [dot] come

It was this big!! ›

This is one of those moments where the fisher man standing with his arms stretched out going it was this big, is true! Look at the size of this beast! Massive! (via)

Apocalyptic Rave ›

I don’t post a lot of videos from YouTube on here, but I had to hunt this one down after watching his whole show with Lucie the other day!