iTunes and iPod help needed

Ok, recently my iTunes library got to the point where my Music collection is bigger than my iPod can hold. Ever since then I have struggled with how to sort what music is placed on my iPod. I initially had it update itself and create a playlist to update from each time. This created the problem that when new music was added I had to redo everything and also that I lost my playlists on my iPod.

So I seem to have a bit of a poser here. Basically, what I would like, is to have my iPod update with new music moving onto it as it is added replacing less listened to music or less highly rated music. Maybe, the odd bit of non-music as well such as my Dave Gorman episodes. I thought that maybe there were some people out there who had experienced similar and come up with a good solution. Obviously I am trying my own techniques, but not having much luck, so hoped someone out there could shed some light on this issue!

Technology ‘embraced by public’ ›

An interesting artcile on the BBC website about the adoption of new technology. I can certainly identify with this, I like technology and am keen to adopt new standards and the like. Also interesting comment about MP3 players peaking as people look to use their phones for this, certainly has made me reconsider my thoughts on what will be announced tomorrow at MacWorld.

Thanks The Apple Blog

Well The Apple Blog posted those who won on their main page. I was amoung those who won, I believe I was 8th on the list. I got my request in for the Shuffle and my back up prizes, here’s to waiting. But I really wanted to thank them for such a great initiative. They have generated a fair bit of traffic into the forum and it’s quite a lively community with some interesting debate in. I hope that people don’t just leave now the contest is over.

I would also like to say a big thanks to those companies and developpers that pledged software to the giveaway, a very generous notion. I hope all those who won get what they want and stick around in the forums afterwards.

Update: I won AppZapper for those who are interested! THanks once again!

The Apple Blog Giveaway! ›

Well the winners are announced today, at 5PM GMT. I’ve just chosen my prizes incase I’m one of the lucky 49 who will win a prize, I certainly hope so, hehe!

SafariDepot bookmark syncing ›

SafariDepot is a small little app that lets you sync Safari bookmarks with multiple computers. You do need your own piece of webspace to do it though, but I’m sure the file it uses from Safari is not that big so could be done with free webspace. As long as you have FTP or sFTP access. I will try it out later.

Early Posts

I just realised that some of the early posts I imported here from my original Blogger blog were not sorted into categories. I’ve now gone through and categorised those posts, they now sit in one of the 5 that I have. I do however need to go through and tag those posts as well, but that will take a little longer to do. Now just to sort out the Archives page so you can see them more easily!

Nothing quite like coffee in a Starbucks mug. It’s best if the coffee in it is from Starbucks, but I like drinking coffee at my desk with my Feed Reader as my reading material. Lucie’s parents got me a Starbucks gitfcard for Christmas as well, I’m sensing a trend here! A good one though, it means I have more of an excuse to go to Starbucks and just to generally drink nice coffee!

I’m a bit late to the party, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!