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iBAM has another contest! This one is to design the site a logo/identity that is in keeping with the ethos of the site and ties in nicely with the existing design. Best bit is that you can win an AppleTV. As if I needed another design brief to contend with!

Introducing Jess ›

One of my friends from Uni went out on a limb today and bought herself a web domain. With a bit of help form yours truly she has herself a brand new blog. So I thought I would point you all to her site. She has a lot to say so it is well worth keeping an eye on her site.

edit: I forgot the link! Go here!

Design: CU

The last few weeks I have been working on a Uni independent study module, basically a self led brief. I have been working on a new identity for the Christian Union here at the university. I’ve worked on something that aims to demonstrate the beliefs of the CU and it’s mission statement, “live for Jesus; speak for Jesus”. I’ve developed a Website which we hope to build in the next few weeks, but I wanted to show you want I have been working on, particularly with Nick’s recent request to see some more of my work.

So here is the logo, I’ve developed.

I wanted to develop something tat was straight up and honest about the beliefs of the CU, something that didn’t wrap them up in another concept, something that lets the word of God shine through.

The website had to hook into the notions presented by the logo, that was simple and honest and presented the community aspect of the CU. It needed to hook into the honest routes presented by the CU in a clean and concise way. So here are a few screen shots of the new website.

The images will hopefully link up to the actual pages soon, but for now they are just stylised screen shots.

Dark future for F1? ›

Now I’m a bit of an F1 fan and I’m looking forward to the start of the new season this Sunday, it looks like it will be an exciting one. But this article detailing the prospect of a new technology coming in will ruin the sport, taking any driver skill out of it. Not what we want to see.


Inspiration is a fantastic thing. I’ve spent most of today working on my Uni project, a redesign of the Christian Union identity and website. Now the identity came fairly easily, but the website has been hard. Anyway, I spent most of today designing and mocking up ideas. I was chatting to my housemate, sorting my Mac out before heading to bed, and then it struck. Inspiration. I’m not complaining it’s nice to have inspiration, but at 1.30 am? As a result here I am typing this post out as I’m trying to wind down from 1.5 hours intensive sketching and photoshopping. I’d like to post the results, but I will wait to see what I think of them after a sleep and some feedback from my tutor on Monday. The identity is pretty nailed down now though, so that may appear soon, although we will see, I might wait til after I have handed int he work. Either way you guys will get to see my work.

Typetester ›

Just came across this useful tool for testing the appearance of typefaces and how they appear on screen. I found it useful as it gives you the chance to view default and therefore “websafe” typefaces.

gSync, SpanningSync alternative ›

Looks like someone is already on the case of making a SpanngingSync alternative. gSync is currently in beta and differs from SpanningSync in that it has no in-between server, as a result the price will be $20 the price many people expected to be paying for SpanningSync. I’m in the process of trying the beta out, but have hit a key initial problem. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly though. SpanningSync certainly helped me start to manage my time more efficently so I’m hoping gSync will work just as well.

Spanning Sync reaches v1.0 ›

Spanning Sync has reached version 1.0. Which is good news. I’ve been using the beta to sync my iCal with gCal for a while and it works perfectly and I had considered buying it when it got to final. But the prices are just way to expensive for me. $25 for a year subscription and $65 as an outright purchase, is just too pricey for a sync’d calendar.

Wembley is the FA’s ›

The Wembley stadium has finally been handed over to the FA. It’s taken 6 years to build and cost £757million but its almost ready for the cup final in May. All I can say is it better be worth it for that amount of money. I’d expect it to be able to fly all over the country so everyone can see games at it!

Now its your turn

Ok, so now’s your chance, to tell me what you would like to see here on Electric Weekend. What I can do to improve the site, as well as encourage more conversation and participation in the comments. So this is effectively an open thread.

What would you like to see here at Electric Weekend?

Nothing. Ever.

It’s interesting how things often crop up in the space of a couple of weeks in the Christian world. Two weeks ago at CU we had one of the guys from my church, Luke, come to speak. He spoke on relationships, first about our one with God, then our friends and then with a “significant other”. Now whilst that was very interesting the final part of his talk was a DVD. It was a Nooma one, specifically number 10 Lump.

Now the focus of this DVD is that God loves us/you/me. No matter what.

Nothing you do can ever change how much I Love you.”
Nooma 010 Lump

That line is said in the DVD a lot at the end, but the way it’s delivered and the whole build up before it really makes it hit home. Tonight in my cell group, as I was leading and as I was in the planning meeting on Tuesday, this phrase came up again, and at the moment its really striking me. It’s not the only thing, but that’s for another post, but it really is hitting me. He, God, loves me. He loves me despite the fact I mess up. He loves me when I mess up everyday, when I do something He doesn’t want me to do, he still loves me. I think that’s so awesome!

But, and this is the best bit. It’s not just me He loves. He loves you, sat here reading this post. He loves the guy walking his dog down the street. He loves everyone. But whats even cooler, is that he wants to know the people he loves. He wants to be in a relationship with you, and thats just simply amazing and I’m so thinkful for it.

Just a quick one ›

Just wanted to draw your attention to the new navigation. I had to alter it a couple of weeks ago, but really didn’t like it and finally came up with a slightly better solution. I had to lose the 100% width of the header as it looked funny with the image, so that might alter a little in the next few days, but the Nav is better which is more important. There is also a new Feedlink up there as well.

After Birdfeeder – Virb

No this isn’t what it looks like, I’m not quitting Birdfeeder I just wanted to fill you in on the switch. It’s gone very smoothly, there are still a few people using the FeedBurner feed but they hav e a little while to switch. The up shot of all this is that apparantly I have a lot more subscribers than I thought. Feedburner was reporting around 24 subscribers just before the switch, but apparantly I have a lot more. Like three times as many more!

Feedburner stats pre-birdfeeder

After a week of birdfeeder

Now apparantly I am to discredit the first day as it usually reports double, but sheesh, Monday’s stats were way above anything I expected. So I have one question to everyone who is subscribed and doesn’t comment. Who are you?

Please say hello, it would be great to hear who you are ‚where you are from and if you have a blog. I’d also like to take the chance to give away some of my Virb invites. I have 10 to give away and will go the the first 10 people who comment.

If you are still to grab the feed, Please do so but otherwsie I look forward to hearing some hellos from some new faces.

EDIT: It seems a bit pointless giving out the Virb invites now it has gone live. BUT please do say hello.