Now I’m not normally one for reviewing blogs or websites, but this is a little different. I have two motives behind this “review”. One, I’ve linked to this site a few times now, and I feel its worthy of a bit more coverage and I’m always happy to help people’s readership grow. Two, Brent has an iPod Shuffle and he’s giving it away!

So how did it all begin?

iBAM, or iboughtamac.com, starts with a need to make a PodCast followed by the death of a trusty PC laptop and a desire to help people who find themselves switching to the “light” side.

Now there are plenty of “switcher” blogs out there on the net, plenty of sites which cover what you need to know. So what sets this one apart?

The moment you set foot eyes on it your welcomed to a nice chilled environment. Everything is cleanly laid out and nice and visisble and accessible (what do you expect from a Derek Punsalan design?). You’ll find the content presented to you cleanly and honestly, a good example of how the design matches the tone of the writing. It’s basically a very nice site to move around.

What I like about the content, which is the real meat fo any blog, is the manner in which things are spoken about. Whilst initially the items covered are those discoveries of a new Mac user, the tone of the posts doesn’t treat you like an idiot, as some guide blogs do. It’s very up front and honest, presenting the facts as you need them and written in a way which present Brent’s opinions on the topic without really influencing the subject. Very refreshing.

As far as guides go, at the moment the posts are still covering the things you begin to discover and learn about OS X and its apps near the beginning of your experience. But one thing I seem to get from them, is that Brent is quite savvy about this and before to long I expect to find some little app I haven’t discovered having been a Mac user for over 2 years now. What he does cover though is covered well, whether its harnessing the power of iPhoto, setting the parental controls in iTunes or making and organising screenshots what you need to know is all there and easily understandable.

It’s a site I’ve been tracking for sometime now, and a site I will continue to track for a while yet. I certainly recommend it if you have recently switched or know someone who has and needs a growing and steadily updated resource.

Sveningson.com ›

I found Sveningson.com about a week ago, and to day Bence made some changes and additions to the site that really made me want to tell you all about it. It’s the design I want to point you two, the whole site is really fresh to view. The ace is the way the posts are displayed. It’s very original and with the addition of his ‘notes’ and flickr images this looks like a very well thought out and rounded concept. Pop over and take a look.

Multi-touch Everywhere? ›

An interesting article about the possibilities of Apple rolling out multi-touch displays. Maybe Leopards secret hidden feature is the multi-touch technology. I’m not sure, it would be interesting and revolutioanary, which explains why Steve made such a point about the feature being revolutionary in the iPhone keynote.

Update your Feed please

Ok, I’ve now got the Mint BirdFeeder pepper working. After todays little hiccough with Feedburner reporting zero subscribers, I decided it was time to utilise Mint’s functionality for this. I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.1.1 so that it will work. If you could not all change your feed readers so they point at http://phil.elecricweekend.com/feed that would be great! The Feedburner feed will remain active probably for another month, but I will take it down after that.

If you are experiencing any errors, please let me know.

24 to 0? ›

Impressively, according to Feedburner, my subscribers have done just that. I think it might be time to get that birdfeeder plugin working.

A couple of changes

I’ve just made a few changes I wanted to bing your attention to. The main one being the links page I have just added. As a result I had to tweak the navigation, I’m not sure I like it like that, but I couldn’t think of much else to do with it. If you have any ideas let me know. Also, if you want to be on the links page, drop me a comment or email.

Whats in a Name?

Aidan has been looking for a name for his blog and in the process of asking for some inspiration from his readers, he asked why our blogs are called what they are. I started to answer the question in a comment but as I was doing it I realsied it might take a little while, so I thought I would hop over here and post why.

So why Electric Weekend?

Well, Electric Weekend, is technically the name of the design “partnership” I have with my housemate Craig. We both wanted somewhere to showcase our work, and maybe as a point of contact for any free-lancing work we can get. We wanted a name that was ‘dynamic’, interesting, unusual and well just original. So the brainstorming began, and it lasted a while, two months to be precise. We started to throw ideas around but weren’t really coming up with much, those of you who have done it will know how hard it is to come up with something that matches those criteria. Anyway, randomly we were both looking through some design books looking for inspirationa nd stumbled across two pieces of work. One included the word Electric and the other Weekend. We put them together, and well thought it sounded pretty cool. we lived with it for a couple of weeks, before we made the jump and bought the domain.

So how is this relating to my blog?

Well, I always wanted a “proper” hosted WordPress blog, well when I say always I mean for the few months leading upto buying the domain. As the domain was being shared, we split it into two one for me and one for Craig. Now initially my domain was going to be for my portfolio, as Craig has used his, but I felt like I wanted to use it for a blog as well. So this blog, as we now know it, was born, sadly the portfolio section has never come to fruition, but there are plans for something.

Now, I never really expected to call my blog Electric Weekend, but over the months and after flitting through a few different names, I decided to just mane it after the domain. It’s made a bit of a difference actually, it feels like this is where my blog belongs, no other domain, just this one. I’m not sure what Electric Weekend means at the moment, but I know I want it to mean and become a place people can converse, read, respect each other and most importantly for me be a place I can share my faith and beliefs.