My Quicksilver is so HOT it’s smoking!

I recently came across a new Quicksilver interface thats in development. I first came across the Fumo interface through these screenshots or mockups a while ago, but as far as I could tell they were only that, mockups. On returning to the Quicksilver forums the other day I found that not only was Fumo under development, it was getting close to completion and smoked! Intrigued I installed it and now my Quicksilver smokes!

The new Quicksilver Interface called Fumo.

What’s nice about the interface is the way it’s all in one line and the display doesn’t grow unless you set it to. I used to use Bezel but it’s movement put me off using it and when the Cube interface came out I switched over to that. It still wasn’t perfect but I was happy to use it over bezel. With the arrival of Fumo I now find myself enjoying the simplicity of an interface that doesn’t grow or move unless I tell it to!

Happy Easter

Just wanted to drop a little Happy Easter. I also want to take this opportunity for the lack of meaningful posts recently, and also for the coming term. It’s my final term at Uni so I’m pretty flat out with work and relaxing tends to be done late at night when I’m not really feeling like typing anything. I have a couple of posts in development and hope to publish them soon. I will try to keep the links coming as best I can, but posting may be a bit sporadic. PLease keep tuned in though and I will do my best!

EMI & Apple DRM free ›

EMI are now the first big label to make the step to DRM Free music. Great news. The label have struck a deal with Apple that means their tracks will be for sale in two formats. They will continue to sell tracks for £.079 or $0.99 with the DRM, but will now sell the same tracks for £0.99 or $1.29 with NO DRM and at twice the quality. I know which version I will be buying from now on. Apple are also giving the option to upgrade albums and tracks previously bought to the DRM free format for an extra 20p per track.