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Mockup for new touch screen iPod. I quite like the look, although it looks like the edges are a bit sharp. (via)

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If you spend enough time working on a concept or theory, you will eventually find the right answer.

Interesting article about patient design.(via)

Back from Beach Mission

Late on Sunday night I got back from Criccieth and the Beach Mission, which is probably more appropriately entitled as a Holiday Club. I had a great time, really enjoyed it, and mostly importantly really saw God at work.

The two weeks were spent teaching the kids the book of Ephesians, specifically about God’s big plan to bring everything together under Christ. It was quite challenging but incredibly rewarding. Seeing the lads in my small group engage with the word of God was incredible. They really took things on board and were really considering it and contemplating what was being discussed and what it means for them. God is really working in the lives of those lads and it’s really exciting to see.

The most exciting thing, was the testimony of one particular family. They have had a hard time being accepted in their church at home, as well as in the secular world, because their eldest son has a form of autism. He started the week in my age‐group with his mum sitting in to keep an eye on him, and by the end of the week she was leaving him with us and going to the adult events or just taking some time out. That in itself was a real answer to prayer. She was convinced she would have to sit in for the whole of the holiday club, but in the end her son was with us for the whole of the second week without her. During the second week there was an evangelistic meal, or a meal with a message, for the adults to bring friends along too. The grand parents, who aren’t believers, went along because of the acceptance of their grandson and are now apparently really considering what was said at the meal.

It’s such a great story, and a real demonstration of how as Christians just showing God’s love to people who should’ve known it can really make a difference. God certainly used everyone on the team in that aspect. I’m sure there are similar stories for other age groups. The whole two weeks, was an experience I will never forget, and one which I would like to repeat next year, God willing.

Beach Mission

So I’ve just finished “sync’ing” my iMac and my iBook so my iBook now mirrors my iMac as closely as possible (really made me want .Mac!). Why am I telling you this? Well tomorrow morning I’m heading to a town called Criccieth in north Wales for a two week beach mission.

This is something which I have never done before and so I’m slightly nervous about it. I have to do a short talk, along with lead a small group for a group of kids between the ages of 11 and 13. This is all new, I’ve never done either of these two before so it’s set to be quite a challenge. I know God will equip me, and I know he has already given me experience with leading older teenagers/my peers in small group Bible studies to draw on so I’m sure I can do it for the youngsters. This is also something I am doing with Lucie, she is leading the youngest age group, but it will be good to serve God together in the same place and in a different manner to CU and Church.

Please do be praying for me and Lucie over the next two weeks. Please pray I will be equipped and find the knowledge and wisdom I need in God.

In terms of this blog, it means there likely won’t be any posts until the 19th/20th, although if I get chance I will try and post something up. So I guess I will “see” you all in a couple of weeks! ha!