BBC on-demand MicroSoft only!

After pointing you all towards the BBC plans for on-demand content, my initial excitement is now somewaht diminished! It looks like it will be Microsoft only! Personnally can’t believe it and think it’s a very bad idea. Mac users are known for pioneering technology, so not providing an option for them seems a bit strange to me, plus as a UK citizen, who has and will pay the TV license not being able to use a service I’m effectively funding is not fair.

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  1. I think that is terrible, it should be for all users! And especially as you pay the TV license you should be entitle to use their service.
    You would have thought more things would start to become more readily available for Macs as they are becoming evermore popular.

  2. Yeh I agree, I know the BBC “decision” is based around DRM which is why they are going the way of Media Player 10 only. Maybe it’s time MS launched some pluging for QuickTime to let me play WMA drm’d files on my Mac.

  3. It gets blacker and blacker I’m afraid.

    I did some research earlier today on this and discovered that Mac and Linux users will have to wait at least TWO YEARS while Microsoft builds more market share off of BBC Licence Fee payers backs. Check out my blog post. I’ve found some interesting links, done some analysis, and give some places to complain to – including Tessa Jowell’s email address (she’s the Minister for TV).

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