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Blogging conflict

There seems to be quite a bit of this going around at the moment. I myself feel a little bit caught in one for many reasons, and a couple of other people also seem to be in similar situations.

So why this conflict? Well my personal conflict seems to be developing from a couple of things. One being that I feel Electric Weekend seems to have lost it’s way a little bit, lacking a little bit of focus. The second is developing from a recent article I read about freelancers blogging. Two quite big issues, that whilst unrelated also seem to be related.

The second issue, which was prompted by the Freelance Switch article, has generated a very important question. Should my portfolio, which is currently separate (although I’m aware there is a glimmer on my blog) to my portfolio be located in the same place? Whilst I’m not touting myself as a freelancer purely, but as a graduate looking for a job, I would like to pick up some work in order to keep my “designers eye” in. I feel that integrating my portfolio with my blog would help with this, add that to the fact my ultimate aim is to work for myself, then maybe starting now with a portfolio on my already “established” web presence would be beneficial. But this little thought then leads itself to my very first thought which I have been struggling on for a while. The direction of my blog.

I have always touted my blog as a personal blog. I blog for me, which of course I want to continue. However, it leaves me with a bit of an issue. I find it hard to write longer considered posts. I don’t want to write about myself, and so I don’t, but the lack of a particular subject seems to be causing me some difficulty in writing my thoughts down. So the question comes. How do I focus my blog? I have three main areas of interest. One I definitely want my blog to be about, and that’s my faith and beliefs, but then the thought comes into my head is it possible to add that to the two other interests? The answer I’m leaning towards is not both, but certainly one. Design, lends itself to the other subject in one particular manner, that being how it can help make the gospel accessible. Which I think is something I want to look at. The other subject, Apple, really doesn’t lend itself, but I enjoy it. Argh, I can feel the circle starting, because I want to include them all.

So I thought I would ask you guys what you think. Do you think it’s possible to have a blog that talks about all three of my main interests? God and my faith, design and Apple? It’s an interesting question, and I’d appreciate your thoughts.

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  1. i’ve just read about all the stuff w/ ben and 9rules.

    frankly, i think it’s silly. when people even bother to read blogs, it’s only because they find the content interesting. design, apple and religion happen to be fascinating topics, so i don’t see any reason why i would stop reading yours or any other blogs, regardless of whether they belong to some so-called community.

  2. Phil -

    I found the conflict of faith, design and Apple too much to bare so I started another blog for the latter two.

    But that’s because I wanted to hit each topic really strongly and I wanted a clearer distinction in my own mind.

    If you blend all three on EW I will continue to read. But heck, even if you start talking about elephants, I’ll still read.

    Write with some mustard – give your blog passion and personality. And the best way to do that is to write about what you love.

  3. Thanks guys. Really nice to hear some encouraging words. I will certainly keep going and keep trying to bring interesting content that’s alive.

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