Colour Shuffle

I’ve recently had the chance to see and try out the new iPod Shuffle, one of my friends got one for Christmas, and it’s brilliant. It’s so small. I’m really tempted to get one, but I’m managing to hold off at the moment, but it would be so useful, I get fed-up of carrying my iPod around with me, it’s too big and this is so small! grrrr! What’s worse is Apple make it so appealing. It’s now in colour!


Fortunately they didn’t do a Product (RED) version, like the Nano, otherwise I would be finding it very hard to resist!

2 responses

  1. My pastor bought one of these, it is so cool. I am in the same boat as you, I really want one but there are some other things I need.

  2. Yeh, getting to the business end of my degree is really making me prioritise things more. Something cool now goes shooting down the list, darn this nearly leaving Uni malarky!

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