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The last few weeks I have been working on a Uni independent study module, basically a self led brief. I have been working on a new identity for the Christian Union here at the university. I’ve worked on something that aims to demonstrate the beliefs of the CU and it’s mission statement, “live for Jesus; speak for Jesus”. I’ve developed a Website which we hope to build in the next few weeks, but I wanted to show you want I have been working on, particularly with Nick’s recent request to see some more of my work.

So here is the logo, I’ve developed.

I wanted to develop something tat was straight up and honest about the beliefs of the CU, something that didn’t wrap them up in another concept, something that lets the word of God shine through.

The website had to hook into the notions presented by the logo, that was simple and honest and presented the community aspect of the CU. It needed to hook into the honest routes presented by the CU in a clean and concise way. So here are a few screen shots of the new website.

The images will hopefully link up to the actual pages soon, but for now they are just stylised screen shots.

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  1. Phil, very nice. I really dig the logo and the website layout. It’ looks great.

    I just put in a bid for logo and branding for a new private school that’s starting up. If I pick it up I will send some concepts your way.

  2. THanks for the compliments Shawn. I’ve done some print stuff for it as well, which I might well upload as well. I hope the pitch for the school goes well.

  3. Hey, Just came over here from Aidan’s blog and thought I’d comment.

    I really like the CU logo and web design. Really crisp and clean.

    I work for a Student’s Union and it’s really great when students put in that extra effort for things they care about. Societies at Universities rely on the students to run them and I’m sure they’ll be very pleased with what you’ve done.

    Keep it up and I can’t wait to see the finished CU site.

  4. Thanks Adem. Hopefully the website will be built soon, we have had a few issues recently with what was in place, but hopefully things will be progressing soon!

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