Eight Things About Me!

Nick of TCRA has tagged me for a meme. From what I gather I have to tell you eight things about me, that you might not know. So here goes:

1 – I’m going grey. Yes you did read the right. I’m 22 and I’m already going grey, starting in the temples and down the side of my head and ending with the two stripes that are developing in my hair line, which have been coined my badger stripes by Lucie!

2 – When I was about 5 and learning to ride my bike I fell off sideways into the row of rose bushes we had running across the front of our garden!

3 – I’m terrified, and I mean real phobia of Wasps! You would be too if you had been stung in the middle of November by one when you were 8, and then 4 more times since!

4 – I once said I didn’t mind the football team Derby County. I was about 8 or 9 and hadn’t quite realised the rivalry between my team Nottingham Forest and the sheep from down the road!

5 – I really like Geography, gained an A in it at A‐level and had I not been so into design would’ve studied it at University.

6 – I can tell the difference between the official Coca Cola and anything pretending to be similar. Or at least I think I can!

7 – I seem to try lots of services on the internet and not really use them. It sometimes feels like I only try them so I can snaffle my name as a signup.

8 – I went through my whole school life without ever being put into detention!

Well there we, go that was actually quite hard to do. I believe I’m supposed to tag some people now, so I’m tagging Shawn because apart from Nick and the guys he tagged, he is the only person I know who reads my blog. Then I’m tagging recent commentors Simon and Rabsteen in the hope I can start to build up some more blogging buddies! Hope you guys don’t mind!

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  1. Throughout secondary school I didn’t get a detention either. I don’t know if we get them at our sixth form… I will have to wait and see haha.

    But well done, great achievement 😛 .

  2. Ha, I don’t think you can get detentions in sixth form, I don’t know anyone who did. It’s certainly a good thing to be able to say, well done to you as well!

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